We have listed a number of articles about online casinos and landbased casinos here that may surprise you. Call it a “Believe it or Not” section or a “Casinos Exposed” area- our aim to to strip away the myths and give you the facts based on our knowledge and experience of gambling at casinos world wide and on the net. The smarter you are, the better!

Do you know who the Top 10 High Roller Casino players are? What about the business objectives of most casinos? Understand these and you´ll see “under the bonnet” of the casino.

Progressive slots jackpots are getting bigger by the day- many accumulate pots in excess of a million pounds. But how do progressive jackpots work?

And what does Pay Out mean at a casino? Most casinos bang on about payouts of 96%, 97% and even 98%- but what does this mean for you exactly? And while we are at at, what is the Casino Drop? What is the churn?

When casinos quote their payouts, it´s normally an average measure of all the games played at the casino. Some games, like blackjack and baccarat, have a higher payout (which means better odds for you) than other games like Keno and Sic Bo. If you weight your game play to those games with better odds, you will improve your overall odds. Check out our article on the different casino games payouts.