How to Deposit and Withdraw at an Online Casino.

Depositing and Withdrawing Online at Casinos.

How to deposit or withdraw at an online casino

So you’ve had all the free practice casino games you need and now you’re ready to join the big leagues and start playing for real money? Here’s our guide on how to deposit and withdraw at an Online Casino: a quick guide through the potential money and transaction mine field that is the world of casino banking. Fear not because thankfully it is a much simpler process than you would imagine. We’ll take you through a few examples of depositing funds to your account and then withdrawing those all important winnings back out again.

First of all let’s take a look at the deposit process. Of course the design, layout and navigation are likely to differ dependent on which online casino you happen to be playing on. However, the principal and the process is very much the same. Initially you’ll need to decide on how you would like to make your deposit and there are a number of options open to you.

The most commonly used method for deposit is via a credit or debit card. But with most online casinos now you will also be offered a number of alternative payment methods. There are plenty of Paypal Casinos out there, as well as a selection of other payment merchants such as Neteller or eWallet solutions like Skrill and EcoCard. For those wanting a more traditional method of payment will also be glad to know that you can transfer directly to the casinos bank account in a variety of currencies using your online banking account or failing that via telephone banking or simply even heading down to your local bank and paying over the cash in person. You’ll need to provide ID and the usual proof of address (a utility bill for example).

Some of the aforementioned methods, most notably credit cards, may incur a cash advance fee when depositing onto casino sites so you must ensure you find this information out from your card or account issuer before you attempt a deposit for the first time.

Once you have selected your payment method it’s simply a case of filling in all the necessary details requested by the site. For example, if you intend to use a debit card for payment you’ll need to enter your name, card number, expiry date and security number as you typically would for most online transactions. You’ll have various options for the amount you’d like to put in, usually with a set minimum and then your deposit can be completed. You’re then ready to play! Once you’ve gone through the process and your details are set up making your next deposit will be much swifter.

Reverse Withdrawal & Manual Flushing

Play at Royal Panda Which Allows Manual Flushing of Your Withdrawals

royal pandaThese are two terms that you should become acquainted with, as they are an important feature of online casinos. Let’s start with the dreaded “Reverse Withdrawal”. Many online casinos offer what they see as a cutomer benefit, the so called “Reverse Withdrawal” or “Reverse Pending” feature. Don’t fall for it! Some casinos will move your winnings into a side account where you can still access it (or reverse your decision to cash out).  We’d recommend that you AVOID casinos that use this ploy, which is a sneaky way of getting you to play through your winnings (and hopefully from the casino’s point of view: losing them!)

Look for casinos that offers “Manual Flushing” which moves your winnings immediately into a withdrawal account so that you cannot access it. Don’t be tempted! You should have this choice in our opinion. if you want to continue playing, don’t cash the money out. if you want to cash out, you should be able to cash out! We prefer a reverse cash out time of zero (like Ladbrokes Casino), but you will find some reputable casinos like 32red casino that have a 4 hour reverse withdrawal time, plus they offer a manual flush (that’s acceptable).

Thankfully once you have your details in place withdrawing your money is an even less demanding procedure (in reputable casinos in any case). Typically your withdrawal will be processed back to the debit or credit card you used with your original deposit and normally takes around 3-5 working days. 48 hours we would consider to be a good service. You can find casinos that process your request in 24 hours or even 12, although we admit to being sceptical about the latter. You can opt to select an alternative withdrawal method (to the one that you made your deposit with) but you may be required to provide more information in order for the online casino to process your request. Our advice would be to keep it simple.

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