What to look for in a Casino Bonus

casino bonus codeOnline and virtual casinos are big business in 2015, with the remote gaming sector set to generate cumulative revenue in excess of $182.8 billion during the next twelve months. In addition to ever greater accessibility (through mobile casinos for example) and increased regulation, this growth is being driven by generous casino bonus codes, which are offered by many of the sites you’ll come across in a bid to win new customers and reward those who show loyalty over time. Given the increasingly competitive nature of the industry, bonus offers can often be the difference between a successful casino and one that fails to keep pace in an evolving marketplace. And this is great news for punters.

From a player’s perspective, however, it can be difficult to seperate the wheat from the chaff and choose a casino and bonus package that is right for them. So, let’s consider three of the main factors up should be looking at when choosing a casino bonus:

Understand the Various types of Bonus
Before you even start shopping around, it is important that youunderstand the differences that exist between the many casino bonuses available. There are basically two main types: welcome packages and loyalty bonuses. The first are aimed at new players and often have some element of free gameplay up to a fixed value (although not always), the latter is a “reward for play” bonus through which operators either match or exceed your deposit. They assume by this stage that you have tested the games out, so the main draw for returning players is getting more “bang for their buck.”  A typical promotion might be a deposit match of between 100% and 200%, although special promotions may go beyond these figures. We try and persuade the operators we work with to give our players a little bit more, so you should see some higher bonuses here, such as the Ladbrokes Exclusive Casino Bonus we run on the site. There’s also a Betfair Exclusive Bonus– keep checking our exclusive casino bonuses page to get the latest offers.

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Choosing a Bonus that Suits your Style of Play
As a new player, you will most likely be able to choose between both of these bonus options when you sign up with an online casino. While this can make the decision making process harder, you choose choose the casino bonus code  or offer that is more suited to your style of play, your gambling philosophy and the types of game that you enjoy playing (check the T’s and C’s for example, to make sure that the game that you want to play is covered in the wagering restrictions, or you may not be able to make the “play-through requirement” on that particular game. Blackjack and video poker players have to be particulalry careful about this, slots players less so.

Some of these bonus options may only work for specific games such as slots or video poker, so you will need to have a think about the casino games which you gravitate to. Recreational gamblers may be better off taking a more expansive welcome package with free stuff included, as deposit match bonuses tend to work for players who are willing to spend larger amounts.

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Go For Bonuses that Keep on Giving
The main aim of casino bonuses is to attract new players. Good casinos will also reward players who come back to play (the old adage applies here, that it is 5 times as expensive for a casino to acquire new customers as it is to retain existing ones. So while some casinos may offer big initial welcome bonuses, many of these will offer only short-term appeal if they are not backed up by similar promotions that are accessible to existing players. Look for online casinos that offering bonuses to existing players as well.

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