Online Casino Loyalty Programs- Become a Casino VIP

Most online casinos worth playing at offer loyalty programs that reward you for returning to play at the casino. These are aimed at attracting you back into the casino to play, and can range from a standard comp. giveaway to a full blown VIP service with a dedicated account manager. It depends how much you bet at the casino, of course.

But are these programs worth it? Well, read on, as we discuss the pros and cons of these kinds of casino VIP programs here.

Generally, they are free, so you have nothing to lose by joining up, but just bear in mind that the whole purpose of the programs is to get you to spend more money at the casino. With that knowledge safely tucked away in your back pocket, we´d also add that there are some great promotions and incentives out there. The old adage of “it costs 10 times as much to acquire a new customer as to keep a new one” certainly rings true in the online casino market, so think of it like this- the retention department at the companies who run these entertainment sites have big budgets to spend on you. All you need do, is to put yourself in the best possible position in which to reap the rewards.

Generally speaking you´ll have access to the following types of benefits as a player. The more important you are to the casino, the more likely it is that you´ll receive all of these benefits.

  1. Cashback- these are comp. points or loyalty points that you earn when you spend money at the casino. You´ll be able to exchange them for casino chips if you have enough of them. Think of them as the Air Miles of the casino industry.
  2. Monthly bonuses- these are the ongoing bonuses that you´ll receive that are similar to the new player bonuses. The casino will generally match your deposit and top up your bankroll by a %. It used to be the case that only new players got these kinds of bonuses. Now most casinos have realised that they need to keep their existing customers happy with bonuses too so that they don´t wander off somewhere else.
  3. Specials- these are one off promotions to tempt you back into the casino. They can be casino chip awards, or the chance to win a free car, holiday or whatever.
  4. Tournaments. Loyal players often get exclusive invites into slots, roulette or blackjack tournaments where you enter fro a small fee and play for a big prize on a leaderboard.
  5. Auction Points. Some casinos (eg Jackpotcity Online Casino) award auction points as well as cash back points when you play casino games online with them. you can use your auction points to bid on stuff like free holidays, cars or ipods.

High Roller VIP Casino Clubs

If you spend a lot of money at some casinos, you´ll be bumped up to their VIP club. This is when it starts getting interesting, as you´ll then get your own dedicated account manager. These clubs tend to be exclusive and quite secretive, but we have heard some interesting stories form the most famous ones : Riverbelle & Ladbrokes Online Casino. Spend enough money on these sites, and you´ll get yor very own Mr Fix´it. Want tickets to the Wimbledon Final? Phone your dedicated account manager. How about a trip backstage to meet Madonna after one of her concerts? Again, phone your account manager. Their sole purpose in life is to make sure that your life is improved by the casino. (As long as you bet enough of course). We heard of one high roller that requested that he played the drums for one song during a Foo Fighters concert. It was organised of course.

How to put yourself in the best position.

Well, you have got to bet money at the casino of course, but there are a few tricks that you can use to make sure you get noticed:

  1. Play frequently. You don´t necessarily have to bet alot per session, but be a regular. Keep coming back into the casino.
  2. Get to know your account manager. This is like anything- personal relationships are best. If you can get your account manager on the phone- great! Get to know him or her. Even better, try and meet them face to face.
  3. Refer players- if you refer players to the casino, you´ll be even more valuable to the casino. It will be noted on yur account.
  4. Play the tournaments- this is a cheap way of keeping your activity up at the casino. And you might win the first prize!
  5. Use your comps. Strange as it may seem, many people don´t even get round to using their loyalty points- even if they are free. Play with them- there´s no reason not to, and in the eyes of the casino your wagering numbers are going up, even if you aren´t playing with any real money.
  6. Scour your emails for specials- Many of the loyalty promotions handed out by the casinos have a deadline. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled to your inbox so that you don´t miss the juicier ones.

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