Exclusive Bonuses

exclusive bonusOne of our main aims here at Online Casino King, is to get our players a better deal from the casinos.
Over the years, we have built up some great relationships with many online casinos, and the really nice ones bump up the offers for our players! -
Nudge, nudge, hint, hint, any "Fair Play" casino managers reading this ;) Get in contact, we´ll test out your games and service, and if you treat your players fairly and with respect, we´ll see what we can do!

Exclusive Casino Bonus Offers at Online Casino King

exclusive casino bonusIf the casino is good, and operates ethically, and is run by decent people, we are more than happy to sing their praises here. And if they give out more free money to visitors from OCK, play with a straight bat and pay winners quickly we sing even louder!

So look out for our featured casino bonus offers throughout the site, or try some of these inflated offers above. And if you happen to be a casino operator reading this, and would like to be featured on the site, please contact us. We can’t promise to list you (that will depend on what our reviewers think of your casino and service levels), but we can promise to take a good look. An exclusive offer will get your email to the top of the list!
Bonus offers take many forms, and it is important that you take time to read the small print before committing yourself. In some cases, it is better not to take the bonus at all.

We’ve prepared a list of questions below that you should ask yourself before signing up for a casino bonus.

-Is the bonus applicable across all of their casino games? Pay attention to the wagering requirement- which is the amount of bets that you’ll need to make before your allowed to cash out winnings. Many bonuses just count slots play towards the wagering requirements. Others count table games, but with a penalty factored in (ie your effective wagering requirement goes up

-Does the wagering requirement apply to just the bonus or to the bonus plus your deposit. If it is the latter, think twice in our view. If you deposit a hundred quid, euros or dollars, you should be able to withdraw a hundred (as long as you haven’t lost it. If you have to play through your own money, best to not take the bonus.

– Should you take the bonus? Well, that’s up to you of course. But for our money, generally speaking, take the bonus if you play slots. Don’t bother if you play blackjack or baccarat. Any other games- decide based on the T’s and C’s