The Best Bets at a Casino- What the Casinos DON´T Want you to know

hearnoevilYou should know by now that the casino or house has an edge. If you don´t, you need to leave! That´s how the casinos make their money- after all- they are businesses. They have to at minimum pay for their running expenses and salaries, and they also like to make a bit of profit, particularly if they are publically listed companies- after all, there are shareholders to please.

But how do you minimise the house edge? The house edge is there- it exists. There is nothing you can do about it. But you CAN minimise it by “boxing clever”.

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The overall trick is to place fewer, smarter and bigger bets. It’s a tricky one ot get your head around, and it might not be the best way to entertain yourself, but it´s the way to give yourself the best shot at coming away with more pounds than you went in with.

And why do we say this? Well, think about tossing a pound coin and betting £100. (I told you we were betting big). You have got a fair shot here- a 50/50. Either you double your money or you walk away with nothing. But now let´s sidle along to a casino. If you flip a coin there, they are unlikely to pay you the same amount if you win. More than likely, you will win £97 or something if you win and lose the full amount should the gods not be with you. The difference is the house edge.

Now that´s fine if you are making one or two bets, as they are just shaving a couple of quid off your pile every time. You may win back your early losses if you keep flipping and winning, but the longer you go on, the more the house edge will eat into your pot.

Placing one monster bet reduces the accumulated house edge to its minimum because it is applied against your bet one time and one time only.

So let´s look at some individual games on the casino floor. First we´ll head to the blackjack table. Here the aim is to beat the dealer by landing a blackjack score as near to 21 as you can get without going bust. Use a perfect “basic strategy” (the optimum move at every point to maximise your mathmatical chances), to lower the house edge to its minimum and play in short bursts. The house edge is roughly 1-2%, which is actually pretty good.

What about craps? A “pass line” bet is probably the most famous craps bet and has 50-50 odds and pays out with a house edge of 1.4%: not bad. Moving along to roulette, the house edge is 5.6% on American wheels and 2.6% on European wheels so play European. And if you can find a table that plays “La Partage” or “en prison” rules, play that as you house edge comes down to 1.3% on the even-money 50-50 bets.

And slots? Well, generally the house has more of an advantage here. Generally speaking, the bigger the jackpot you are playing for, the higher the house edge. But then this is the only game that offers such high “lottery style” jackpots that can reach millions of pounds, so you are effectively playing a lottery game. So you pays yer money and makes yer choice.

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