The Objectives of a Casino

casino objectivesOne of the key ways for you to get one over the casinos, is to start thinking like they do. If you can understand their motivations and the casino’s objectives, it gives you more chance of turning the tables on them. Knowledge is power!

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The first thing to understand, and this is an obvious point (but it is suprising how many people forget this): casinos including online casinos are businesses and they are in business to make money.

The casinos are in the entertainment business and like any other business in this sector they will look at ways of improving their numbers and getting turnover and profits up. That´s the nature of capitalism! Growth is good, “negative growth” is bad.

Unlike a shop, casinos can’t have a sale and reduce the prices to create demand. They need incentives and promotions for this to attract players onto their games. And once they have acquired a customer, their main aim is to keep that player at the casino for a s long as possible, and to keep him or her coming back.

Casinos make a profit because there is a house edge on ALL casino games (some are higher than others)- so the longer you play, the more “tax” you will play, and the more you will on average give to the casino.

Casinos like to have lots and lots of different types of games to keep you entertained. Look closely at most of these games and they are very similar, with perhaps different themes or brands (often licensed from movies).

Every year there are licensing trade show where the casino execs will try and find the next hot thing in slots.

Another way that casinos get you to stay pinned to your seat is by offering you comps or bonuses for your play. They like to reward customers with complimentary chips and even free chips. Go to Las Vegas and Macau and you´ll even get free hotel suites and food and drink if you play enough. And EVERYONE gets free drinks. Vegas loves a drunk.

Don´t look at your comp level as a measure of your importance. It´s not a platinum card, merely a recognition that you are contributing a healthy slice of your bankroll to the casino´s coffers. The casino favorite? The high rollers , or whales or VIP High Stakes players. If you are one of these god like creatures expect luxury suites with staff and fancy limos..

Remember that comps are essentially a marketing tool that has been funded from your losses. Don´t get concerned if you are winning lots and getting no comps! Take the cash!

So, next time you are playing online or at Las Vegas or Macau, remember to turn the tables and think like the casino for a minute. They are in it to make money, and it´s your objective to make sure that they lose money. So take all the comps they throw at you by all means, but if you win big, leave quickly. Get out of there and cash in your chips as the casino will be pulling out all the stops to keep you at the tables or spinning the reels.

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