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More than perhaps any other casino game, roulette¬†has built up a huge library of¬†systems over the years, developed by people who claim to have “cracked the code”.

We feature the best ones here- and they are all free. If you have been searching around the Internet for roulette systems, you will probably have come across quite a few paid systems- which will only give you the information after you have paid for the privelege. This brings us neatly to our first rule when it comes to roulette systems:
Never pay for one!

If a site is asking you to pay for a system, the chances are that it is a scam.

Trust us- there is no way that you can reduce the house edge on a roulette table, as this is set by the design of the wheel, the manufacturing quality of the wheel, and the payout rules for each winning bet (regulated by the gambling jurisdictions and set by the casinos). Theoretically you can identify imperfect wheels that have a bias to a sector of numbers, and this can give you an edge (it’s been done before, but casinos spend alot of money these days to ensire that their wheel are a s near as perfect as they can be). But you cannot alter the house edge.

Having said that, we would advise you to have a look at some of these systems, as there is nothing wrong with being disciplined when you play roulette. And by that, we mean you should always have in the back of your mind what your profit target and yourstop loss limits are. if you hit either of them, walk away from the table.

Systems can help you become more disciplined.