5 Spins

5 Spin System

5 spins systemThis system is a negative progression system (ie one in which you increase your bets along a sequence of numbers if you lose, with the aim of covering any losses). So similar to Martingale Roulette.

The difference here, is that you sit the game out (or make low risk bets like red/black with 1 unit) for a while to identify 5 “sleeping” numbers- ie numbers that haven´t come up for a while. If you play this at a land based casino, that´s easy of course. If you are playing online roulette, you will need to play Live Roulette online, where you can see the action unfold on a webcam.

This is because the basic underlying theory behind this system, is that physical roulette wheels are not perfectly manufactured, and will have a bias or “wheel signature”. If you play computerised roulette, where the results are generated by a RNG (random number generator) that mimics a roulette wheel, you are not going to get any bias. You can be 100% sure that the programmers have not based their RNG on a biased wheel!
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In most cases, this bias is tiny and is probably cancelled out by all of the other variables going on (how the dealer releases the ball, how fast he spins the wheel, and so on). So don´t say we didn´t warn you, but anyway- back to the theory.

Careful of the “Fallacy”

Remember the “Gambler’s Fallacy”- which is the thought that lodges in most player´s minds at some time or another on the roulette tables that if the number 1, for example, comes up this spin- it is less likely to come up on the next spin.

You should know by now (if you have been reading our roulette articles anyway) that the roulette wheel can’t remember anything. They have minds that are scattier than goldfish -at least goldfish have a 3 second memory (which come to think of it wouldn´t be much use at roulette either).

If the roulette wheel is perfectly constructed, then the chance of getting a 1 on the second spin is the same as it was as getting it on the first spin. Sorry to disappoint you, but think of a roulette wheel as an elderly aristocrat with a bad case of Alzheimers, and you’ll be thinking along the right lines.

Now, back to the theory and the hope that the wheel isn’t a perfect one.

Spot the Sleepers

Start your session, as we said before, by watching and observing. Pick out five numbers that are HEAVY SLEEPERS- ie ones that haven´t come up for a long time. You are looking for numbers that are practically sedated.

Now place a bet equal to 1 betting unit (set your betting level beforehand) and bet on all 5 heavy sleeps for 5 spins.
If you do not win after this first mini session, increase your bet by 1.
If you do not win after this second mini session, increase your bet by 1 again, and so on and so on.

If you land a number, take the profits and identify a further 5 sleepers.

Make sure that you have set a stop loss limit and keep to your budget on this system, as you are betting on 5 numbers, 5 times in succession- the bets can add up, so pull out if the luck is not running your way.

As with all systems, we must remind you that you will not improve your odds with this (this is based on the physical make-up of the wheel and the payout rates, despite what some scam artists would have you believe).

Only play systems to make your play more methodical, and if that means you set strict limits on your investment (stop loss) and your profit target, then all the better. Also remember, that you can always test it out first on the free play version.

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