How to Play The Whittacker System in Roulette.
Whittacker RouletteThe Whittaker Progression is most often used on the even money bets in roulette (even/odd, red/black etc) and is along the same lines as the Labouchere System. But with one major difference. You build up the progression sequence slightly differently.

When you play the Labby, you add up the first and last bets in your run to arrive at your next bet following a loss. Play the Whittacker and you should add up the the last 2 losing wagers. The aim is to pull back your losses more quickly if you do win.

The advantage of the Whittaker over the Labby is that any forays into negative territory are less severe if you manage to claw back your bet with a win.

The negative side is that the bets will ramp up faster on a sequence of losses, as you are summing higher numbers.

royal vegasOn a Labouchere progression, you always use the first and last bets as the numbers to to get your next bet, rather than your previous 2 bets. Since the first bet should be the lowest, it follows that your bets ramp up more slowly on a Labby. Clear as mud? Take a look a the example below or test it out on a free game.

Always kick off the sequence with a low bet- preferably the lowest betting unit which will probably be 1 pound (dollar or euro), although you can make 25p bets at some casinos, Ladbrokes for instance.

Let´s run through a theoretical Whittacker an example: If you win from the off, the theory is easy.

You just bet
1,1,1,1,1,1,1 etc
On a losing streak you are going to bet
1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8

Get it? You are betting the last 2 losing bets summed.

At any point if you win, you strike off the last two numbers on your progression.

Let´s say we won on our 4th bet (3 units) and 9th bet (5 unit bet). the sequence would look like this:
1,1,2,3,1,1,2,3,5 etc etc.

Note on the second win (5 units) we have gone back two bets to the 2 unit bet.

The aim of the game is to strike off all of your numbers in the sequence (if you hit a winning sequence from the off, that is also fine of course!)

Our usual roulette system reminder. This system will not change the odds of the game you are playing. No system can do that. All you will gain from playing it, is a method to help you decide before you play how to bet during the session.

Have it clear in your head when you are going to pull out to (1) take profits or (2) cut your losses. It is ALWAYS better to play with your head than your gut- and for this reason we have no problem with people playing systems. Just understand where the limitations lie. Play smart!

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