The Paroli System. We Explain…..
paroli rouletteThe Paroli Roulette System is a Positive Progression system (you increase bets after a win). This online roulette system is basically the opposite of the Martingale system- in fact it is also known as the Reverse Martingale

Kick off with an starter bet (set a value as you would in Martingale) and you multiply your bet by 2 if you win rather than doubling it when you lose.

Let´s assume that you begin on an “even money” bet, lets say even, kicking off with £1. The action start and the roulette wheel starts spinning, followed swiftly by the ball in the opposite direction.
An even number comes up: 10 – so you win!

Because you are following Paroli, you are going optimistic and you are betting that you are about to hit a winning streak. You follow up your first roulette bet with £2 and when that wins you put down £4.

If you lose at any point, you revert back to your original bet.

So what´s the low down on Paroli. What´s the theory?

The key thing about Paroli is to have a fixed plan of when to pull out. You want to finish your last bet on a win, not a loss obviously. Stick to your plan. If you think you are good for 3 wins in succession, don´t bet 4. Stop and either walk away or revert back to your starting unit. (£1 in this scenario). 3 wins in a row is probably the most popular taregt, but ultimately it’s your choice

Fans of Paroli always stick to their roulette betting plan like glue. Try and ride a streak of good luck and capitalise on it. The good thing about this method is that you do not need a large amount of money to play Paroli, especially if you kick off with a sensible level bet.

You should aim to let your profit accelerate and cut short any losses. Any losses will be compensated by previous wins, so as long as you don’t go mad on your first wager, Paroli can be an excellent way of reining in your spend.

The negative side of Paroli is good old human nature. It´s hard to stop when you are on a roll, and your heart will be telling you to go one more round.

Listen to your head! Stick to your plan! The casino is banking on you being tempted to go for one more round, so our advice is never to make on the spot decisions. Map out a plan before your roulette session and stick to it.

Remember- The Paroli System is not going to change your odds one iota in online roulette. No system can do that, and if someone, or some book is claiming otherwise, they are trying to con you.

The fundamental physical attributes of the game remain the same.

What Paroli can do, is to put some method in to your play. This can up the entertainment value and it will certainly help you to play more rationally, as opposed to emotionally, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Remember, like ALL roulette systems, the Paroli or Reverse Martingale won’t reduce the odds you get at the table.

Bon chance!

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