Labouchere Roulette System
labouchere rouletteThe Labouchère Roulette system– otherwise known as the Split Martingale Roulette System, The Cross-Out System or The Laby Cancellation .

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This system was made famous by Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, as his character used it in numerous casinos stretching from Monaco and Macau to Las Vegas.

Henry Labouchere, an English gambler in the early 20th Century, devised the system which still bears his name.

So what’s the system and how do you play it? Well, it’s based around a list of numbers that you come up with. You might choose, to take an example.
Imagine you are about to start betting at roulette: you would bet an amount equal to the 1st and last numbers in your sequence, so 3+7=9, following the progression above.

Say you lose the first bet:
What you do is add the losing number to your progression. So using the progression above, we would stick a 9 onto the tail of the numbers, so your progression is now Your next bet is 3+9 = 12

Let’s say your luck changes and you win- then delete the 1st and last numbers leaving in the progression above.
Repeat. For your next move, bet 4+7 = 11. If you come up trumps again, strike those those off. Your final move would be 5+6 = 11.
If you chance upon a nice streak of wins (let’s face it, that’s what we are all looking out for), you strike off all the numbers and start again with a new progression of your choosing.

According the the world of Labouchere, you will win the total of your summed numbers in the 1st progression at some stage, before you strike off all of the numbers.

CAVEAT: (there’s always a BUT!) You are in no way improving your odds with the Labouchere, although it can be argued that you are playing more methodically. With all progression systems, you are going to hit what’s known as the table limit wall at some point. By that, we mean that most table have an upper betting limit, so that if you are unlucky enough to get a long sequence of losses, you will at some point be unable to cover your losses by upping your bets. Work the risk down with the Labouchere by sticking lots of 1s at the front end of the sequence. This keeps your bets low, which means it is easier to cover losses (but also understand that you’re not going to accelerate your earning from any wins as quickly). You can always try the reverse Labouchere system.

All in all, if you are going to try out a progression system, it is probably better to start with a more simple model, such as The Martingale. Always bear in mind the limitations of the system!

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