Martingale Roulette. We explain………….

martingale rouletteThis system, also know as The Double Up System (for obvious reasons) is probably the most popular system used by roulette enthusiasts to try and beat the wheel. Other variants include the Reverse Martingale and the Super Martingale.

How to play the Roulette Martingale
Bets on even money bets that have a near 50% chance to win. So, red/black or odd/even or 1-18/19-36.

Start with a unit to start the progression, eg $2 or $5. Say you place a $2 roulette bet to begin with. If you guess right and win you would be $2 up.

When you win the bet, put the same bet down as your initial wager and try to get a run of wins. It doesn’t matter if you switch between even money bets, just as long as you stick to the same amount on your bets.

If you lose, then you double your bet on the next round, so for example if your first bet was $2, and you lost, your next move would be to put $4 and then $8 if you continue on a losing streak. You are looking to be doubling up your bet on the next round if you hit a sequence of losses.

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In Martingale roulette, The theory is that you will win at some stage and cover any losses of a losing streak. Your last wager should win you back your losses. And if you win after the first roulette wager, you double your bet. If you then hit a sequence of wins, you build up a handy profit. Watch out though, because the betting profile is pretty steep, steeper than the Labouchere Roulette system, for example.

HOWEVER! (there´s always a twist!)
There are 2 holes in the Martingale theory.

1. Even money bets are not 100% even money bets, if you get my drift, as there is a pesky zero pocket on the wheel in European roulette, (and 2 zero pockets on American). This is what gives the house its edge. The only sure fire way of minimising the house edge and maximising yours is to always play European roulette. This increases your edge on even money bets as there is only one zero pocket.

2 The second caveat to the Martingale Roulette Strategy , is that all roulette tables have a maximum betting limit. This means that if you hit a sequence of losses (even if you could theoretically afford to keep doubling up your bets), at some stage you are going to run out of room for manouevre, and you’ll hit a betting ceiling….which means that you will not be able to recoup your losses.

No betting system will change the fundamental house advantage, but they can help you to be methodical in your play. We recommend that you start with as low a initial bet as possible. This way you will have more room for a sequence of losses (and you’re bound to hit a sequence of wins at some point too. Plus, you’ll risk less. But then, of course, you won’t win as much if your luck is in.

Don´t be too greedy. If you get a nice run of wins on one even bet, say red, red, red, red, red, switch to another even money bet like 1-18. Or walk away and bank your profit for another session.

Look at the historical trends to help you switch your bet type. This isn´t going to alter the probabilities in any way (each spin is a mutually exclusive event- the wheel has no memory), but it does no harm to randomise your bets either, and you can try and ride your luck.

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