Play Cash Out Blackjack- Exclusive to Paddy Power

Posted on August 15th, 2014

cash out blackjackPaddy Power Casino has launched Cash-Out Blackjack, the first of its kind and EXCLUSIVE to Paddy’s. Try and beat the dealer with the added functionality of being able to to cash-out during any hand for a cash value.
125x125Cash Out Blackjack
Cash Out at any time during your hand

Play NOW125x125Exclusive to Paddy’s
RTP of 99.39% (Return to Player)


It’s Blackjack, Jim, But Not as You Know It.



In Cash Out Blackjack, you pick between one and three hands to play.

Select your stake and place your bet: (on up to 3 hands).
Then hit DEAL!
Each hand is played consecutively from the right until all of your hands are done.

Each hand will receive 2 cards. The dealer’s first card is placed face down, and his next is placed face up revealing its value. If you can see the dealer has an ace, you can take out INSURANCE against a blackjack at this point.

If you have a hand totalling 21 (Blackjack), the dealer will reveal their hand after the other hands are played. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you win 3:2 on your stake. If the dealer has a Blackjack, your original bet is returned- the game is a tie (or “push”)

Now here’s where the variant differs from other online blackjack variants on the market. Every time you make a decision (to pay insurance, hit, stand, double, split etc) you will also have an option to Cashout for an amount that is calculated on your hand’s mathmatical chances of winning.

The amount you can cashout will vary at each decision point throughout the hand, depending onyour choices. When you go for Cashout, play for that hand ends and you head to next hand in the game.

The number of decks used in Cashout Blackjack is 5. Decks are shuffled after each game. Each deck consists of a standard 52-card deck (no Jokers).

The long-term, average expected RTP (Return to Player or Payout) % is 99.39% based on a perfect playing strategy.

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