Online Casinos in Greece. Legislation on the Way

Posted on April 11th, 2011

Greek politicians are putting the finer touches to gambling legislation which will free up and regulate online gaming in the country, and generate much needed tax euros.

The Greek government, battling with big debts, unveiled plans to change the gambling legislation in the country. The move had MPs draw up new ammendments to a bill designed to liberalise online gaming in the country- a plan not without its controversies in this orthodox Christian country.

The changes we penciled in following complaints from several Greek MPs who fear that the new laws could turn Greece into a giant casino as the government searches for new revenue to pay back the country´s big debt pile.

The 1st bill, drafted last month, aimed to pull in 700 million Euros worth of tax revenues from gaming licences and royalties. Leaders of the Socialist Party, however, raised concerns about the bill – suggesting that this could lead to abuses and increased gambling in the country. MP Dimitris Papoutsis was for the move but wants to go ahead with caution.

Work in progress then…..

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