Double Exposure Blackjack

What is Double Exposure Blackjack?
In Double Exposure Blackjack, you see both of the dealer’s cards before the game starts. He is dealt face up cards. The RTP is 99.36% in this game. Compare this to many online slots games which have an RTP of 96-97% (Return to Player or Payout). Plus you can play up to 3 hands at once (more if you then split your hands later.)
The shoe contains 6 decks of cards which are shuffled before the start of every round.

How to Play Double Exposure Blackjack.
double exposure blackjack
Both of the dealer’s cards are dealt open or face up. They are exposed, hence the the name of the game.
However, this advantage is offset by other rules. Read on for the full list:

Number cards 2-10 are valued by their number, aces are counted 1 or 11; and the J, Q, and K face cards are valued at ten points.
The aim is to get a blackjack or a score of  21 points, or as close as you can, and to beat the dealer.
If you score 21 with your first two cards, this is blackjack.
A blackjack always wins.
The hand nearest to 21 wins.
All hands above 21 are Bust- you lose.
On a draw, the dealer wins, except when you both have a blackjack.
The dealer must stick on 17 and above.
Below 16, the dealer must draw.

You can Double Down in Double Exposure Blackjack when your first 2 cards score a hard total of 9, 10, or 11 (no Ace that is counted as 11). The double down bet is equal to your first bet. Following a double down you get an additional card and that’s your lot. You can double down after a split if you like.

Splitting Cards
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When you get two equal cards, you can split them if you wish. You will then have 2 hands to play, and you may click on “Hit” on both hands, except for hands with an Ace. In this situation, you may only draw one more card. Your bet doubles when you split a hand. Split hands cannot get a blackjack, at this position of the game you just get a hand worth 21.

Betting Limits
Pick a value of chip with which to bet, from £/€/$ 1, 5, and 10. The minimum bet is 1 and the maximum bet is 40.

Pay Out
All wins pay even money- 1:1. This includes Blackjack.

The pros of this game are that you get to see both of the dealer’s hands, and you can play up to 3 hands at once (more if you subsequently split).
The cons are that blackjack only pays 1:1, and you cannot score blackjack after a split. An interesting variant! We do like to see both of the dealer’s cards before the game begins and the RTP is a respectable 99.36%

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