Where Do Casino High Rollers Go on Holiday? It´s not Margate.

Posted on July 25th, 2011

Well, we are almost into August- traditionally the time when people go on holiday for a few weeks break from the daily grind. Which got us wondering- where do High Rollers go on holiday? To casinos, presumably, but which ones? There has been so many glitzy gambling palaces that have opened up all over the world, in the last couple of years (Macau, Singapore anyone?)- we thought it would be fun to dig around and see just where the big spenders go when they want to flash some cash at the tables.

Well, let´s start old school- if you´re a high roller you´ll probably head down to The Med at some point anyway, to pick up your yacht or gin palace. And there´s only really one destination for high rollers, and that´s Monaco of course. In between France and Italy, Monaco is the place to be seen in the summer. The world famous Casino de Monte Carlo hosts the European Poker Tour, and this place has plenty of history and Bond films set in it.

Expect to pay over £250 per night for the privilege. That would probably be a bargain in the busy months.

If you´d prefer to stay on your own boat down there, and you hadn´t got around to buying one there´s a GREAT deal on a 135′ ISA Ancona 133 in Monaco at the moment. Its a steal at €7.5 million (just been reduced. Click HERE for the ad.


Only 7.5 mill

Keeping on the Bond theme is the city of Nassau, Paradise Island, which is famous for its casino sea resort, Atlantis. 7 acres of beachfront lagoon, so you can either take in some sun or head for the outdoor gaming areas. There´s a private beach and no less then 20 swimming pools. Martinis please……..You are looking at £300 a night and up here.

No discussion on casino holidays is complete without discussing Macau, of course. Macau is The Monte Carlo of the East rivalling Monaco and Las Vegas as a gambling hot spot.

Macau boasts more than 35 casinos including the Wynn Macau Casino and The Venetian. Expect to pay £150 a night. High rollers will get in for free, of course.

For the traditional high roller there is no real substitute than the original, Las Vegas. You´ve got the famous Caesar’s Palace, The Venetian, and The Mandalay- you´re spoilt for choice. And the good news is, that competition is hot in Nevada. You can pick up some great deals here, even heading under the £100 a night mark, although expect to pay more for fancy digs.

So that´s Europe, Asia and North America covered. What about Africa? Head for Sun City: Africa’s Kingdom of Games. Just two hours from Johannesburg and with two large casinos, an 18-hole golf course and a wildlife reserve.

Expect to pay from around £250 per night for “high roller suites”.

And if you want something a little different with a touch of colonial class? Try The Genting Highlands Resort which is 1800m above sea level, up Mt Ulu Kali in penisular Malaysia. It´s an hour from Kuala Lumpur in the Titiwangsa mountain range, in the Genting Highlands.

There´s top notch accommodation, dining and entertainment . It is Malaysia’s only legal casino venue with theme parks for the kids as well.
Again, you´re looking at around £250 per night.

Where would we go? We´d plump for a trip to Malaysia and Singapore. First off to the Genting Highlands. Then off to The Tanjung Arung resort in Sabah, Borneo (no gaming tables here, but plenty of other things to do and explore, like Mount Kinabalu, the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and some of the best diving spots on the planet). Finally, we´d top it off with a couple of nights at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Casino? Yep- they´ve got an amazing one, but I just want to swim in their roof top pool!

Happy holidays!

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