What´s the Best UK Casino Site?

Posted on November 11th, 2010

One of the questions we are asked time and time again (I suppose we put ourselves up for it), is “What is the Best UK Casino Site?”

And we always say: “Well, that depends on the games that you like to play, and the types of bonuses you like (if any). Maybe you like good customer service, etc.”

And the reply is often: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ya-de-ya-de-ya. But if you had to choose, which casino would be the best for UK players. Come on, get off the fence!”

OK, OK- so here goes. If we HAD to choose one casino, we´d probably start thinking along the following lines:

We like Ladbrokes because over the years they have been proved a fair operator, and we like playing a bit of poker and doing a few sports bets on the side. But then again, the bonus offer is not that great (although they have just doubled it….. Paddies is also good if you like to play poker and bingo, although for some reason we´ve never had much luck with them (sometimes that just happens). Casino King is good too, just because they´ve got a great name! Plus the range of games is great- we are partial to the Gladiator Slot here. And we´ve been playing quite a bit on the Sky Casino since they increased their bonus recently.

But for overall ethical behaviour, plus range of games, plus the ability to play poker as well, our number one Best Casino Site (if we had to choose one and we are being forced here) is……

Virgin Casino

Why? Well, they are unpretentious, they just get on with it, they pay out fast, the customer service is great and just recently they have been addding loads of new games on to their platform. So you´ve got some great slots, video poker, blackjack and roulette on the original lineup which is based on the Wagerworkds platform PLUS lots of new games (like Mega Moolah) from the Microgaming platform.

The Virgin brand is so strong that they can feature games from competing platforms, which means you get more choice. And the poker network is pretty good, AND you collect V* points which you can swap for Virgin Atlantic tickets once you have a bazillion of them. The only downer? The bonus isn´t that great. But do you want us to let you in on a secret? We don´t pay that much attention to he bonuses when we are decising where to play;)

So there you have it- we got off the fence! (But we still say it depends on which games you like to play, what bonuses you like, which regulatory jurisdiction you are more comfortable with etc etc etc ).

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