What to Wear at a Casino. Get the Best Casino Look.

Posted on January 6th, 2012

Looking dapper at a casino: How to Get the best casino look.
Ok, ok – so playing at online casinos is not the same as waltzing into a real life, high rolling casino where the barman always knows your favourite drink and there’s plenty of eye candy.
Ideally in this casino you’d also constantly win the jackpot, but just because you’re not there in real life doesn’t mean you can’t take some style tips from those who do frequent fabulous casinos – namely, one of the most stylish men in the world, James Bond.
We’ve all got our own favourite Bond, so instead of just telling you to chuck on a tux and be done with it, we thought we’d feature each of the Bonds’ styles individually, starting with Sean Connery.
Each has a different style and different charms, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your personality – meaning you can be super suave even when playing online casino. Altenatively, yu can play in your jim jams of course- but then that’s the beauty of playing online.
Sean Connery, thought by many to be the James Bond, starred in six films that mostly spanned the sixties, and so his style is definitely of that era. Think fantastically well-tailored suits, classic British style and never, ever looking flustered. Aside from going for a well-tailored suit, Connery wears his ties and bowties very slim with small knots; so avoid wide styles of knot at all costs.
A classic black or navy blue suit is a great idea for everyday wear – possibly paired with a waistcoat – but Connery also experiments with brown and tweed suits (like a true gentleman, of course), as well as always wearing cufflinks with his suit, not just buttoned cuffs. We particularly like the ‘gun holster and Martini’ look although it’s not always considered office-appropriate.
His tuxedo, unlike some modern Bonds, is traditional with wider, satin lapels – if you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could even go for a signature 60s look with a white tuxedo jacket. Please note that this isn’t a sensible choice if you’re going to be eating: it’s scientific fact (sort of) that food is more attracted to white clothing than any other. Above all, if you’re going to wear a white tuxedo then make sure of one thing – act confidently and know that you are definitely the coolest guy in the room. Just please don’t try out your Sean Connery impression on anyone…

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