Tips for Playing Slots at UK Online Casino Sites

Posted on June 4th, 2009

We have a number of our visitors who love to play slots online. And that´s no surprise, because of all the games available online, slots in general offer a greater variety and bigger jackpots than their counterparts in land based casinos. Many of the most popular slots in land based casinos are video slots anyway- the format translates easily onto a pc screen.

When you play slots, it can be easy to get carried away and slot machines can be very efficient at eating through your bankroll. Make sure you play in a good frame of mind and have a clear idea in your head of your limits. Here are some slots tips that should help you play sensibly, play longer and put yourself in the best possible position to walk away with a smile on your face.

Always Study the Pay Out Charts
After all- this tells you how much you´ll win! Compare the payouts of different slots and try to understand the payout frequency (is it a tight slot or a loose slot?). Remember-  lots of combinations with a lower payout means a higher pay out frequency (of smaller amounts). Fewer winning combos that pay out big jackpots will be the opposite. Do you like to play for more frequent smaller wins or infrequent big ones? Make your choice before you start feeding the machines.

Play the maximum bet on Progressive Slots.
Progressive slots have big payouts online – often in the millions. But you´ll only win them if you bet the maximum. If you don´t want to play the maximum, play a non progressive slot machine with more frequent payouts.

Bank Your Profit
If you win a jackpot, bank a profit. Hive off your initial bankroll and some profit and hide it in your back pocket. Then play with the rest. OR, walk away. How many people do you know who have won 2 big jackpots in a row? if you win one, skeedaddle, or at least change machines. But bank a profit there and then.

Relax- take your time.
There is no reason for you to play fast. Play slowly! And play measuredly. The only winner if you play like a headless chicken is the casino. Never play more than one machine at one time. You need to concentrate on what you are doing. Stick to one slot game!

Use Money Management Techniques.
Only bet what you can afford to lose. You need to be very strict on this- set aside a budget for “entertainment purposes” and just play with that. Never chase losses. Split your pot of money into 3 or 4 and then play 4 sessions. Don´t risk the whole pot in one- spread your risk and widen your net to try and catch a big win.

Cash Out.
If you win big, cash out immediately. Don´t leave the money lying around in your playing account as you´ll just be tempted to play again the following day. And watch out for those tempting bonus offer emails! Remember- if you win a big jackpot, the first thing a casino will do it to promote the fact that someone won big at their casino (there´s nothing wrong with that). The second thing they will try and do is to get you back in the door – or into the site in this case- so that they can claw the money back through the house edge. Don´t let them! Cash out and go shoppping for champagne and fine Monte Cristo cigars.

Don’t Buy Slot Systems.
Slot systems are a scam. End of story. Don´t buy them

Enjoy yourself!
Look at your slots budget as an entertainment cost. Pick a slot that you enjoy playing and have fun. Then if you win, it´s an added bonus.


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