Ryanair to Launch Online Gambling Says Michael O´Leary

Posted on July 7th, 2009

Budget airline Ryanair has announced plans to offer in-flight casino gaming to passengers in its latest attempt to win new passengers.
The Dublin-based airline’s outspoken chief executive Michael O’Leary confirmed yesterday that the airline is looking to introduce online casino facilities to flights in the near future in an attempt to increase ancillary revenue.
Ryanair, whose price structure is based on rock-bottom fares being propped up by charges for additional services such as baggage, check-in and on-board food, have put forward the idea alongside further plans to cut airport costs.
The innovative airline is not new to gambling, currently offering online gaming services including online casino, slots, bingo and instant win games to visitors of its website in association with Jackpot Joy, as well as selling scratch cards to passengers on the majority of its flights. A similar plan was also announced back in 2005 but it seems that the idea is now back on the agenda.
It is however not however the first time that airline passengers have been able to enter an online casino which cruising at 34,000 feet, with some airlines offering gambling as part of their in-flight entertainment systems.


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