Playing Online: Tips for Online Pub Slots

Posted on February 25th, 2015

pub slotsFor the older and wiser demographic of gamblers and gamers, the classic pub fruit machine has an appealing retro theme. The bonus rounds and paytable layouts will feel reassuringly familiar. Younger players will also appreciate the clean design of these (often) 3 reelers. the are easy to understand and a pleasure to play. The popularity of these slot machines has encouraged online developers to build out virtual games that replicate the experience, while throwing in some newer features that freshen up the gameplay.. There are subtle nuances between the two formats (video slots and online pub slots) that that are worth being aware of, however, and it’s as well to consider these before playing.

Top Tips for Online Pub Slot Players
With this in mind, let’s have a look at some tips and hints for online pub slots players.
Remember that Pub Slots are not dramatically different to regular video slot games (and by this we mean some of the 5 reel games like Immortal Romance, the Great Blue Slot and Dolphin Quest.
Over the course of the last five years, we have seen a rising trend for themed slot games and experiences. Pub slots are no different, in that they have been designed with a consistent graphical theme that engages targeted users. This is an important point to consider, as it prevents you from developing a strategy that is unnecessarily complex or convoluted. Always keep in mind that online pub slot are different only with regards to their narrative and visual theme, while they retain many of the bonus rounds and pay-out features synonymous with traditional slot machines and experiences.

The Random Nature of Slot Gaming
The fruit machines that you see down the pub and even in the chippy pay-out at various rates between 70% and 98%. This is less favourable than online slots, which traditionally offer a minimum pay-out of 90% to players, and often pay out up to 97%. Like regular fruit machines, online slots are completely random in their nature and governed using advanced Random Number Generator (RNG) software. Remember this and respect it without exception! If you win big, stop playing, as the longer you are spinning the reels, the more chance the casino has of taking your money. It’s always best to employ a “quick-in-out” startegy if you can

Skill and Experience
There are many types of online pub slot, and you will need to choose one that suits your level of experience. There’s no skill involved in playing slots per se- leave that to the blackjack and poker players, but if you don’t know how the machines work and how to trigger the bonuses, nudge features etc, you might make a silly mistake and miss out on a payout. Always play the deom game frist to get the hang of the game, and then bet for real money.  Many online slot machines have features known as skill-stops, for example, as well as nudges and wheels of fortune bonuses. This is one of the appeals of this kind of game- the features and bonuses will feel very familiar if you are used to playing the fruities down the pub.


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