New Android Casino Over at All Slots

Posted on March 22nd, 2012

Despite all of the headlines that Apple gets about its iPads and it’s market cap being bigger than the GDP of Poland, one of the big winners in the mobile (smartphone) war has been Google, of course, with it’s Android OS for ever popular phones such as the Galaxy S II (and S III is on its way), the Nexus Galaxy, the Nexus S (I’ve got one of these with a very cracked screen by the way. If you buy one, DON”T drop it, or at least make it wear a jacket).

And in OnlineCasinoLand, or MobileCasinoLand should we say, All Slots Mobile Casino is getting well and truly on that bandwagon with the launch its new mobile casino app, Android Air, which runs on all Android devices running 2.2 versions and above (that’s Froyo, Boyo).
Android Air has been designed specifically for Android devices: you can plug into 22 games on this casino app.
With high definition graphics, and pretty impressive sound effects, you can see where this is heading. These mobile games are just getting better and better in our opinion.
You’ll get 22 games downloaded automatically when you grab the app for your phone on a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection. The game connection is faster (as it’s already on your phone) and there’s less wait time. You can play video poker, roulette, blackjack, slots and other games. It really set a new standard in terms of visual game quality. Worth a butchers!
Android Casino App Bonus
Bonuses for All Slots Mobile Casino Players
Players who are new to the Android platform who sign up get a free £5 bonus.
All Slots’s mobile casino is compatible with most mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android phones and tablets. All Slots Casino is accredited by eCOGRA and is known for fair play and fast payouts.

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