iPad Casinos. Will The New Apple Device Take Gaming to a New Level?

Posted on April 13th, 2010

ipad casinoApple have launched the iPad this month, of course. You must have heard about it, unless you were shipwrecked on a desert island with no electricity- as the Apple PR department have been going into hyperdrive.

But it begs the question, when are iPad casinos going to start rolling out?

There are plenty of online casinos that have been designed for the iPhone- and these can be used on the iPad as well, of course. But with so much more space to play with on the bigger iPad screen, it should be exciting to see what comes out for the new device for  those of us who like a flutter on an online casino.

Here are some suggestions from us to the developers:

1. A slot machine that you can hit that then spills out lots of coins.
2. A roulette game that you can tilt and thus control where the ball lands.
3. A blackjack game that you can flip upside down and see the dealer´s cards.
4. Blackjack dealer avatars of either sex who lose an item of clothing when the punters win the hand.
5. A game that senses how drunk you are and switches off accordingly.

All these would take gaming to a new level we reckon, but since the iPad has a touch screen, and responds to movement and orientation, it should give the developers lots of room for manouevre.

One stumbling block with Apple products such as the iPad and iPod, is that they will not run flash (and alot of instant casinos run on this software). And Apple currently has a “no casinos” rule for in their Apps Store. You can design a whizzy application for the iPhone or iPad, but it is unlikely to go through.

I should think the main casino software developers are wroking overtime on a casino for the iPad that will blow everyone away…..

Our favourite iPhone and Android Casino? Ladbrokes. Just head to the iphone section

mobile slot machine

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