Grand National 2012 Tips For Aintree. We Pick The Winners (Hopefully!)

Posted on April 13th, 2012

As is traditional at this time of year, we stick our necks out, and predict the winners (or at least those at the front of the pack for those of you placing each way bets) for the Grand National, 2012. I can’t believe we are here again!

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OK- here goes. The neck is firmly on the block.

The Going is predicted to be Good to Soft, Good in places.
We’ll be backing 5 horses, as you get paid on the first 5 places this year at Paddy Power. Incidently, Paddy’s are offering a £5 quid FREE bet for the Grand National. Thanks Paddy! (Most bookies suspend their free bets for the big race). Here goes- here are our Four Legged Ferraris:

  • Chicago Grey (top class trainer/jockey combo from the Emerald Isle
  • West End Rocker – this is a punt on the conditions which we reckon should favour The Rocker.
  • Shakalakaboomboom – OK- we admit it. We like the name. If the ground is soft we might change our mind. Likes it firm.
  • Black Apalachi – he always runs well here. Even if he doesn’t, we’ll still be “up” on him from previous years
  • KillyGlen- Top Tip for an Outsider at the 2012 Grand National?

Other Sports Bets Worth a Mention for The 2012 Grand National: The Best Offers

One of the great things about The Grand National for punters, is that the bookies are falling over each over to entice you in to their sportbooks in the hope that they will see you again betting on the footie or whatever.

We have already mentioned Paddy Power who are paying the first 5 places on each way bets and offering a £5 free bet on The Grand National.  Here is a list of the best offers available for the Big Race at Aintree.

The other one to watch out for is Bet Fred which will refund your losing place stake up to £100 if your horse finishes 5th or 6th.

So you don’t need to worry if your punt finishes just outside of the places, because you’ll get their money back (Bet Fred pays out on the first 4 places)
Our last tip on the best place to bet on the Grand National online is LADBROKES who are offering a £50 free bet for punters at the Aintree Festival. You can’t say fairer than that!

Here are all of the runners:

1. Sychronised
Age 9 weight 11-10
Well, this horse is a Cheltenham Gold Cup winner. Could be up for the double.

2. Ballabriggs
Age 11, weight 11-9
Going for back to back wins after 2011’s romp home.

10. Junior
Age 9 Weight 11-2
Royal Ascot winner in 2010 and at  Cheltenham in 2011. The Grand National would fit nicely on the mantlepiece!

16. West End Rocker
Age 10 Weight 10-12
Looking impressive of late

17. On His Own
Age 8 Weight 10-11
Will he live up to his name out ahead of the pack?

19. Cappa Bleu
Age 10 Weight 10-10
Former winner at Cheltenham (Foxhunters)

11. Chicago Grey
Age 9 Weight 10-13
Lots of stamina. One for Obama fans.

27. Killyglen
Age 10 Weight 10-4
Went well last year until falling at the fourth (not that good then)

15. Shakalakaboomboom
Age 8 Weight 10-12
Should attract bets on the name alone.

34. Giles Cross
Age 10 Weight 10-1
Like the going soft this one. Should attract money if there’s been rain.

26. Sunnyhillboy
Age 9 Weight 10-5
Won the Kim Muir at Cheltenham. One to watch

31. Becauseicouldntsee
Age 9 Weight 10-3
Did well at Cheltenham

22. Organisedconfusion
Age 7 Weight 10-8

Trained by Arthur Moore and ridden by Nina Carberry. Organised chaos?

24. Treacle
Age 11 Weight 10-8
Fast improving, let’s hope it’s not a question of looking like being stuck in treacle.

14. Seabass
Age 9 Weight 10-12
On the up- could surprise.

18. Always Right
Age 10 Weight 10-10
Err- problemo. The horse’s always have to turn left at Aintree. Could be an issue.

13. According To Pete
Age 11 Weight 10-12
Firing on All Cylinders of Late. 13 could be lucky for some?

5. Neptune Collonges
Number 5 Age 11 Weight 11-6
Likes to jump.

7. Planet Of Sound
Age 10 Weight 11-5
Finished runner-up in the Hennessy

23. The Midnight Club
Age 11 Weight 10-8
Could improve this year.

8. Black Apalachi
8 is lucky in Chinese. Finished second in 2010 so has the pedigree.

4. Calgary Bay
Age 9 Weight 11-6
Fell last year, but looking good in 2012.

20 Rare Bob
Age 10 Weight 10-9
One of Dessie Hughes’ so don’t rule anything out.

3. Weird Al
Having a decent season. Weird, that.

6. Alfa Beat
Age 8 Weight 11-5
Has been building for the Grand National all season

21. Mon Mome
Age 12 Weight 10-8
Grand National outsider winner in 2009. Who knows?

28. Quiscover Fontaine
Age 8 Weight 10-4
An outsider, but a good punt?

31. State Of Play
Age 12 Weight 10-3
Placed three times in the Grand National for those of you who like an each way bet.

36. Vic Venturi
Age 12 Weight 10-0
3rd time lucky? Will need his luck to improve, doesn’t like bunching.

39. Hello Bud
Age 14 Weight 10-0
Likes a jump.

Arbor Supreme
Age 10 Weight 10-7
Didn’t finish in the last 2 Nationals- 3rd time lucky?

9. Deep Purple
Age 11 Weight 11-3
Had a recent win. Likes it heavy (metal).

35. Midnight Haze
Age 10 Weight 10-0
Has hit top form bang on time.

32. Swing Bill
Likes jumping but does he have the legs for the Big One?

12. Tatenen
Age 8 Weight 10-13
Again, some questions as to whether he has the legs for The National.

29. Tharawaat
Winner in 2007. That was 5 years ago, mind.

38. Viking Blond
Age 7 Weight 10-0
Only just out of short trousers. Could be asking to much.

37. In Compliance
Number 37 Age 12 Weight 10-0
Dessie Hughes again. But In Compliance will need a turbo charger fitted.

40. Neptune Equester
Purely focused on this one race.

33. Postmaster
Age 10 Weight 10-2
Won his last two races, could be worth a punt.

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