Googe Nexus 6 Actual Size Comparison

Posted on October 16th, 2014

Google has just launched their answer to the iPhone 6 – and guess what? It’s called the Google Nexus 6 Phone!

And in keeping with the trend for enormous phones, they have gone big with this handset, just like Apple with the iPhone 6 Plus (bigger in fact). Remember those tiny little phones in Zoolander? Well, we’re getting back to the good old days of the Motorola Brick with the new Nexus 6. It’s huge!


Click image above for full size comparison

If you are thinking about buying one, but you’re not sure if you can handle those extra inches, then take a look at this Phone Arena article which is a good size comparision chart (you can see the actual size of the Nexus 6 against the Nexus 5 and iPhone 6 but you may have to callibrate your screen. it depends on your screen resolution- we didn’t have to).

This phone should be even better for slots, but we are not sure about the portability to be honest. At some point, these phones (or should we say phablets) are going to hit a maximum size. I presume that’ll be before they get to the same size as the tablets.

One thing you probably won’t have to worry about, is any handy bendy stuff going on. If the phone is anything like the Motorola Moto that it’s based on- this will be one of the stiffest phones on the market (which isn’t going to save your screen if you sit down with the phablet in your back pocket, by the way.

So where does it sit with all the mobile casino games that we have featured on the site? Well, this shift to ever bigger screens is only going to accelerate the growth that we are seeing in mobile casino– bigger screens mean higher quality games, so if you are playing Thunderstruck 2 or the Tomb Raider Slot on your mobile, it’s going to be a pretty high quality experience

Google Nexus 6 versus Google Nexus 5 Comparison.



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