Cheltenham Gold Cup Tips 2013- Pick A Winner

Posted on March 8th, 2013

Ooooh. If only it was that easy. Picking a winner at the Cheltenham Gold Cup (one of our favourite days out). You are guaranteed a great day out anyway, but it’s even better if you can pocket a few wins on the races.

So do we have any tips for the 2013 Cheltenham Gold Cup? Well, completely ignoring the fact that previous results have no real bearing on this year’s race, we have noted a few trends over the years. At the end of the day, you make your own betting decisions, and we are not trying to suggest that the following horses may have an advantage, but it’s interesting to try and spot some trends.

1. The winning horses tend to be between the ages of 7 and 9.
Don’t believe me? Look back through the stats. So if I was a trend following betting man, I’d be looking at Bobs Worth, Sir Des Champs, Long Run, Hunt Ball, Silviniaco Conti and Captain Chris.

2. Winners at the Cheltenham Gold Cup tend to have won a Grade 1 chase
Under this criteria, we are talking the following runners: Long Run (5 wins), Bobs Worth (1 win), Silviniaco Conti (1 win) and Captain Chris (2 wins).

3. Most winners have good experience over the fences before coming to the festival. At least 6 times they need to have run out jumping.
This points us to Long Run, First Lieutenant and Captain Chris.

4. Most winners have been in the places before around the course.
This criteria doesn’t narrow things down that much as over 20 have won here. The horse who really stands out is Bobs Worth who had run 4, won 4. Not a bad record.
Captain Chris, First Lieutenant, Sir Des Champs, Grands Crus, Long Run and The Giant Bolster all have good stats at Cheltenham. Don’t discount them when you are choosing who to bet on.

And the winner of The Cheltenham Gold Cup is?

Well, if we knew that, do you think we’d tell you? Looking at all of the horses and their form, Bobs Worth (3/1 at Paddys) ticks alot of the boxes and having won the Hennessy at Newbury he looks like a strong contender.

And remember The Giant Bolster (16/1 at the moment) came second in 2012 and has already won two races at the track.

The Giant Bolster interest us, but we are going for Silviniaco Conti based on form.

And a decent outside bet for the Cheltenham Gold Cup? Well, we’re hoping that Sunnyhillboy, who was cruelly denied Grand National glory last year by Neptune Collonges (excrutiatingly close), will have a strong race. His lead up to Cheltenham could have gone better. But this is a horse that is no stranger to the big races. You’ll get good odds on him, and you never know. Make it an each way bet though.

LATE UPDATE**** Sunnyhillboy has been withdrawn. We are plumping for Monbeg Dude on an each-way

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