Casinos that Offer Big Spreads on the Roulette Table

Posted on February 9th, 2010

high stakes rouletteWe are often asked the question: which casino has the lowest minimum and highest maximum bet at their high stakes roulette tables? This is also known as the roulette spread by the way. Betway comes to mind immediately as a casino catering to the high stakes player online: you can bet up to £/$/€ 500 on a single number.

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First of all, we got to wondering why so many people were asking this question. And second of all, we got to thinking about the actual casinos themselves that offer this kind of variation in the betting limits. Many casinos offer an upper betting limit of $200 to $500 dollars, but there are casinos that offer maximum bets that head north of $2000, $5,000 or even $10,000.

Firstly, why the interest in this information? Well, we can only assume that people are wanting to play aggressive progression systems such as the Martingale System (or even the Triple Martingale). In these systems, you increase your bet after a loss to compensate yourself when your number doesn´t drop in. In the Martingale, you cover your loss and hope to make a one bet win. in supercharged versions of The Martingale, you hope to more than cover your losses.

Now there are basically 2 potential banana skins to the Martingale and its cousins. The first is the fact the roulette wheels have a zero pocket (and sometimes 2), so that if you are betting on reds and hoping for your results to switch from black to red at some point, occasionally a green will drop in. The second, is that the most casinos have table limits. So there is a finite amount of “double up” bets that you can make to cover your losses. At some point you will hit what is known as the Martingale Wall- where you are unable to cover losses. This is why people like big betting limits, as it gives them more of a run and more chances to turn around a losing streak. Let´s take the Martingale for example. You are doubling your bets, so if we start at 1 we can progress as follows:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 156….

So, you can see we hit the Martingale Wall after 7 bets on a $200 limit table.

But if we are playing on a $5000 limit table we can progress as follows:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 156, 312, 624, 1248, 2496, 4992. So you can cover 14 losses in a row.

But…WAIT! Think about the 2nd sequence for a second. You are going to be laying down around $5,000 (if you are unlucky enough to lose 14 times in a row) to win just $1! And an you get 14 blacks in a row? Well, it doesn´t happen often- but yes, absolutely. It´s perfectly mathematically possible.

OK- now that we have given you the theory, let´s talk about which casinos offer large betting limits for high roller or high stakes roulette players. But don´t say we didn´t warn you.

Las Vegas is probably your best option. You are unlikely to get more than a $1000 limit online. There have been roulette tables with $5 minimums and $10,000 maximums at the Paris casino in Vegas. $10 min and $5,000 max in pretty prevalent on The Strip and in Macau. If you are trying to get big limits online, your best bet is to do this through one of the VIP programs (Ladbrokes have a pretty good one). But you´ll need to have some history with them, and “work your way up” to these kinds of limits.

Would we bet $5k to make $1? Are you kidding? No!

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