Casino Scams- The Real Hustle Video on Roulette Past Posting

Posted on October 21st, 2009

This video is from the BBC Real Hustle series- quite interesting documentary on the Past Posting roulette scam. All we can say is- don´t try this- you will get slung behind bars if they catch you and they´ll throw away the key!

One thing they don´t cover is the fact that most casinos now have very sophisticated CCTV networks. Or maybe they are running this as a one time scam.

The Roulette Scams

All of these scams involve the 2 team members working together at a roulette table. Past Posting is illegal, and is basically making a bet after the ball has landed in the poket of the wheel. It´s getting the chips onto the table after you know the result, without the dealer noticing. We do not recommend trying any of these scams in any way shape of form…but it is good TV!

1. Outside Bet Past Post
Roulette tables are busy. According to the Real Hustle guys, they can be distracted quite easily by people chatting to them, diversions etc. One of the guys: Alex, keeps a couple of chips under his arm which is on the table and watches the roulette wheel. He makes a late bet (single number), which the dealer spots and pulls him up on. But in the action of making the bet, he lays a bet on one of the outside bets (eg black or red) which pays off 1:1.

2. Past post Nudge on Single Number
In this example, the Real Hustle team have a bet on the number 13 and the number 14 comes up. Just one number off. He asks her to change some cash, and on the way bag nudges his chip onto the line between 13 & 14 which pays out at 17:1

3. Team Past Posting
Here the guys are working as a team. One guy has the other guys chips as well as his own. He makes an early bet or late bet with one hand, while placing the other guys chips onto the table with his other hand tucked under his other arm. All the attention is on one bet. The croupier asks him to remove his chips, which he does if it is a late bet, but he leaves the other chips on the table.

4. Single Number Team Past Posting.
In this scam, the team describe how they past post onto a single number and try and scoop the 35:1 payout.
He makes a silly bet as a “joke” after the ball has landed in the pocket. An obvious “joke” Past Post, but he ends up leaving some chips on the pile that is already there. This only works if a number comes in that has some chips laid onto it obviously.

Remember, if you get caught trying any of these scams at a casino, you will go to jail. All they will do, is to rewind the CCTV footage and the evidence will all be there.


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