Casino Money Management Tips. Control Your Bank Roll.

Posted on March 11th, 2010

This article is all about Money Management Techniques, while you are playing at a casino. This is one of our favorite topics for the pure and simple fact that it is very important to have a rational plan before you start having a flutter online. Playing at casinos should be fun- it should be entertainment. And to make sure you enjoy yourself and only spend money that you can afford to lose, it is far better to have a little think BEFORE you play about what your budget and aims for the session are. Don´t just wade in- manage your money, so that if you do get lucky you walk away with your winnings rather than get carried away and spend ot back on the tables or slot machines.

Some players think of money management as a betting system or a system for placing bets that they hope will give them an edge over the casino. We would call those betting systems.

We define Money Management as the management of your gambling budget or bankroll.

The House Edge is Always There.
Bear this in mind. you can´t alter it with a fancy system. it´s a constant- one of the rules of play, and is set by the physical characteristics of the game you are playing plus the payout of the game you are playing.

Bankroll Care.
A good money management system helps you control the amount that you risk. This will enable you to play for longer, to keep more of your profits and to cut short your losses.

Profit Targets and Loss Limits
You should always set a profit target and stop loss. When you hit either, stop playing. Decide what the limits are before you play, not while you play and don´t change the limits mid session, unless you have hit a profit target, have “banked” some winnings, and then have set limits for the new portion of your bankroll. Be disciplined!

Common Sense is Underrated
You know the score with casinos- some times you win, sometimes you lose. So set realistic targets. If you have a budget for the month, decide how many days you would like to play online and divide your bankroll up. then for each day, decide how many sessions you want to play and again divide the budget up. Never play for more than 40 mins at a time- you can only really concentrate for that long, and you don´t want to let your guard down. Between each session, go and make a cuppa or something.

Finally, don´t be greedy! if you make a nice return, walk away and bank the cash! Compare it to the interest in the bank. If you double your money in a session, why try and triple it? You are already well ahead of the game versus what you´d get at the bank.

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