Can you wear shorts, mini-skirts or micro-skirts in Las Vegas casinos?

Posted on April 20th, 2009

las vegas miniskirt minidressI know, I know- “How to Dress in Las Vegas”- it´s a bizarre question to ask an online casino site given that you can play free casino games in your pyjamas at home if you want, but we keep getting asked it so we thought we´d cover it off once and for all.

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What´s the dress code in a Las Vegas casino? Can you wear shorts (or short pants as our American cousins would say) in Las Vegas? What about miniskirts or micro-skirts? I know it seems a weird question, but think about it- Las Vegas is right in the middle of the desert and it can get hot. Very hot (outside that is). And if you are walking from casino to casino along the strip, you don´t want to be wearing your wool zoot suit out in the midday heat.

But also, some of the air conditioning can be fierce. So you need to watch out for goosebumps too.

The first answer to the question “Can I wear shorts or a miniskirt to a casino in Las Vegas” is that it depends on your gender. If you are male and enter the front door wearing a miniskirt, you are likely to be shown the door, or at least the entrance for the entertainment personnel. But of course, Las Vegas is a big town and some joints will open you with open arms if you want to gamble (you´ll be better off heading downtown though). So if you hear yourself saying “From now on, I want you all to call me ‘Loretta’ “, then don´t say we didn´t warn you.

In general though, there is an assumed dress code in town.

Make sure you pack your summer clothes in the summer and warmer stuff for the winter. The desert has a big diurnal temperature range! Wearing shorts in the summer is advisable outside. But go “smart casual”. In winter, go for a pair of jeans of “slacks”. And wear a good pair of shoes. If you are checking out the casinos, you´ll probably end up doing quite a bit of walking.

minidress2Jeans and shorts are fine at most casinos during the day as long as you look clean cut. You might want to up the ante a bit in the evenings and smarten up (but watch it- remember there are no clocks in Las Vegas!). The girls can get away with pretty much anything as long as its not too revealing. Most people won´t bat an eyelid if you want to wear a miniskirt. Bear in mind though, that where there is money and gambling, there are also hookers about, particularly downtown. It´s a terrible generalization, but any ladies who happen to be working the night shift will all be most likely wearing miniskirts, so our advice would be to go for a classy look. It looks good round the roulette table.

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If you are playing on the tables (roulette, craps, blackjack etc) people tend to dress up to look the part a bit (try it- it does your confidence no end of good). People playing video slots games tend to just play in their t-shirts and shorts but, hey, you can smarten up a bit here too. It gives yo more options. The smarter you look, the smarter you’ll play!

If you are going clubbing, you will have to up your game a bit, particularly on The Strip. And don´t try getting into a Michelin star restaurant in your shorts. Basically- no shorts, no sandals or flip-flops, no t-shirts, and stay celar of trainers or “sneakers”.

If in doubt- dress up and keep inside the air-conditioning.


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