Bond – the casino fashion icon. What to Wear at The Casino Tables

Posted on January 25th, 2012

As previously mentioned, here on Online Casino King we love James Bond, and we love his dapper style whether in the casino, on the slopes, throwing himself across the bonnet of a classic car, seducing beautiful women, or being tied to a post in the middle of a lake while sharks circle round him and an evil-moustachioed villain explains once again how his masterplan will work. In this series on the style of the James Bonds, we’ve already covered iconic Bond Sean Connery – this time, we’re looking at one time Bond, George Lazenby, who starred in the 1969 ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. OK- not the most popular Bond, but he at least did get a substantial wardrobe budget.
Lazenby’s Bond, coming as it did at the end of the 60s, has more than a hint of psychedelia about him and a taste of things to come with the flamboyant menswear of the 70s. casino styleThe Lazenby Look is an easy if somewhat individual style to achieve, and can easily be interpreted for casual wear (when you’re playing online casino at home) or formal wear (when you’re playing online casino…at home, but it might be a Friday night).
If you are looking for tips on what to wear at the casino- why not pick up a few tips for the maestros?
Lazeby’s classic Bond tuxedo has the similar sharp lines of Connery’s, but this time the white shirt has a distinctly ruffled front and the waist has a more nipped in shape. In ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, Lazenby also sports traditional Scottish dress – including a kilt and sporran. While this might not be quite appropriate for sitting at home, relaxing and having a few games at an online casino, the lace cravat he pairs with this ensemble could be particularly fetching at work. Next time, ditch that Marks and Sparks tie and opt for a white, lacey concoction instead. If nothing else, it’ll make a great photo for the newsletter. Keep your knees together though, if you are going the kilt thing at a landbased casino (at home this isn’t a problem obviously).

We think that George Lazenby’s casual look is ideal for some online casino action – it’s not a look to be taken lightly but if you can pull it off, you’ll be onto a winner.

Get the Dapper Casino Look

Get the Dapper Casino Look

A pre-70s polo neck in on-trend mustard colour, paired with a leather and sheepskin coat? Retro never looked so good. A slick of Brylcreem and you’re ready for anything – whether that’s thwarting an evil Russian dictator or making a cup of tea before settling down to play online poker.

That last shot is a classic. That’s George Lazenby’s “Blue Steel” (I’m hard as nails) look, but he hasn’t quite pulled it off, has he? He looks like he’s suffering from a severe case of wedgie pants under all of that 70’s garb.

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