Blackjack Card Counters Now Use iPhones

Posted on February 17th, 2009

Mst of us have heard of card counting in blackjack- this is the method fine tuned by a bunch from MIT that helps you improve your odds at blackjack by counting the cards in the pack. If you have more of an idea what is left in the deck, you can track when the odds start to swing in your favour.

But it´s a method that´s not too popular at the casinos, for obvious reasons, and a method that requires a certain amount of mathmatical proficiency.

Well, times move on, and we can report that an iPod or iPhone card-counting system was recently discovered ina a California Indian Reserve casino.

This new ipod “app” is spreading like wildfire and its getting the casinos worried. The casino powers that be in Nevada put out a general alert about it, warning Las Vegas casinos.

As we said, casinos don´t much like card counters- but it is difficult to spot if you are doing the sums in your head. Casinos will tend to direct suspected counters to the door or onto another game. You might even see the heavies turn up. Although card counting in your head isn’t strictly illegal, Las Vegas casinos can throw you out if they want to- you don´t have a right to be on their premises.

Using devices like ipods and iphone can be seen as illegal behaviour however.  And that includes iPod or iPhone card counting apps, so if you plan to use this app at a casino, bear that in mind..

The app in question- as we have learnt, is pretty impressive. You can play up to 4 separate strategies simultaneously for example.

When the “Count Vibrate” mode is switched on, your iPhone or iPod will vibrate when the card count you specified has hit the value you specify. You can stick the ipod in your pocket and as buttons are pressed the total counted cards are recorded. This iphone blackjack app will count the “True Count” more accurately than manual methods. You can adjust the number of decks in the shoe and choose between 4 of the most popular card counting methods.

There´s also a “Stealth mode”- when you press it, the screen goes blank and you can say “what me guv?”

The app is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Download it at iTunes here:


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