Big Slots Tournament Freerolls Coming Up in June

Posted on May 18th, 2010

We´ve just got wind of some big freeroll slots tournaments that are coming up in June at Online Vegas casino.

So what´s a freeroll slots tournament’? , we hear you ask. Well, you probably know already, but if you are into playing slots online this can be quite a fun way of playing. you enter the tournament and play the featured slot over the tournament period with your tourney bank-roll. In some cases you need to buy in to enter the tournament (in the case of a freeroll entry is free). And then you try and make as much as you can on the game. Your tournament bankroll balance becomes your score, and you play against other players in the competition- everyone´s score is posted on a leaderboard.

The player with the top score wins the jackpot (these can be in the tens of thousands if there are alot of players), and there are normally prizes for the runners up.

Try the freerolls at ONLINE VEGAS.

online vegas casino

Online Vegas will be hosting Free Entry Slot Tournaments every weekend in June. (FREEROLLS)

Beginning Saturdays at 2 pm (GMT) and ending Monday at 3 am (GMT), play for free in a $2,500 Bonus Buck Weekend Freeroll Slot Tournament.
The Top Prize is $350, and there are prizes paid all the way to 500th Place.

Father´s Day
To celebrate Father’s Day, the Prize Pool for the 3rd Free Weekend Tournament in June has been DOUBLED to $5000.

Online Vegas are also running a big schedule of tourneys in which you will need to pay a buy-in as follows:

June Kickoff $15,000 Guaranteed
Runs on Tuesday, June 2nd from 1am (GMT) until June 5th 12:30am (GMT)
Entry fee: $8.99
Re-Buy: $8.999
Featured Games: Shaaark
The total prize is $15 000

$30 000 Guaranteed Weekend Madness

Runs on Friday, June 5th from 1am (GMT) until June 23rd 00:45am (GMT)
Entry fee: $10.00
Re-Buy: $10.00
Featured Games: City of Gold (June 4th to 8th), Vampire Vixens (June 11th to 15th) and Fire Hawk (June 18th to 22nd)
The total prize is $30 000

Week Long $88,888 Freeroll
Starts Friday, June 26th at 1am (GMT) and runs until June 29th 00:45am (GMT) 2010
Entry fee: $12.99
Re-Buy: $12.99
Featured Game: Jan ManL
The total prize is $75,000

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