Bet on Steve Davis to Win The World Snooker Championship at the Crucible, Sheffield

Posted on April 24th, 2010

Veteran & Snooker Ace Steve Davis has beaten John Higgins at the Crucible in the World Snooker Championships.

24th April 2010, 10:00 33-1 Steve Davis To Win at Paddy Power,  Ronnie O’ Sullian 10-3

We run through your options if you fancy a bet on Steve Davis winning the tournament…… (For example you’ll get 33-1 right now to back Davis at Paddy Power, -we expect these odds to shorten in the next day or so, and certainly if he makes it through to the semis).

Here’s what we’re doing in case you are interested. We’re having a punt on Davis to win The Championship and hedging our bets with some money on Ronnie O’ Sullivan to win outright. We are aiming to cover our total bets with the O’ Sullivan bet. Of course, if neither win, we are further in the hole, but we’d prefer not to think glass half empty thankyou very much. And, no, we didn’t make any money on The Grand National in case you were wondering- but at least the horses we backed made it over all of the fences. But this is snooker, and that was

The snooker veteran played like the champion of yesteryear to beat defending champion John Higgins in one of the biggest upsets ever seen at the World Snooker Championship at The Crucible in Sheffield. Steve Davis has won the championship 6 times, but that was a while ago. He began the day 9-7 up but Higgins levelled at 9-9, bagging a 100th Crucible century.
But the Scotsman flunked blue balls in each of the next 2 frames and Steve Davis, a sprightly 52 and more used to the TV pundit’s chair these days than the competitor’s seat, won back his 2-frame lead.

Higgins drew level again with 2 breaks over 50 but Davis won the next two frames to clinch a brilliant 13-11 win.

It’s a quarter of a centruy since his defeat by Dennis Taylor in the sport’s most famous final, and 21 years since he last won a world championship. This win will go down in the history books as well.

Steve himself thought he played some of the very best snooker of his career.

Davis is now through to the quarter finals and will be the the oldest and wisest quarter-finalist at The Crucible since Eddie Charltonin 1983 who was 53. He’ll play Neil Robertson, who beat Martin Gould 13-12, starting on Tuesday morning, 27 April.

The long campaigner banged in  a 49 break in the 20th frame and went into the break 11-9.
Higgins emerged the stronger with a couple of half-century breaks but there were no flies on Davis, in his 30th tournament, as he polished off  a break of 35 in the penultimate frame.

In the 24th frame Davis, then on 34, doubled the brown before potting the blue and pink to seal a win that was popular with fans across the spectrum.
He took his chances basically, and in this form, you wouldn’t put it past him to achieve the dream. Now that would be a story, and definitely worth a punt we think…….

Latest odds on Steve Davis Winning the World Snooker Championship at The Crucible, Sheffield. Bet on Steve Davis to Win!

Paddy Power 33-1 Steve Davis to Win + £10 Free Bet
Bet at Paddys HERE

William Hill 16-1 Steve Davis to Win
Bet at WILL HILL Here

Bet 365 25-1 Steve Davis to Win World Championship Outright
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So for the moment, Paddys is offering the best odds, but don’t hang around as these will shorten in the next day or two. And maybe hedge your bet with some money on Ronnie O’Sullivan or Neil Robertson. Another way you can reduce your risk is to decide your total bet amount, bet 50% now and then bleed in the additional 50% if Davis gets through to the semis (the odds will shorten obviously, but if he loses your exposure is less).

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