Access Online Casino King On Your iPhone, iPod touch, Android, or BlackBerry Storm touch mobile.

Posted on March 15th, 2010

We have just configured the Online Casino King blog for iPhones, iPod touches, Android and BlackBerry Storm touch screen mobile devices. More and more people are surfing on the go on Smart Phones, so we have configured the site so that you´ll see a condensed version when you are visiting form your mobile phone. That way, you keep your browsing data levels down.

If you want to see the full site, you can just switch the toggle at the bottom of the page and head to the full site.

The new mobile version of the site loads like lightning- so you can pull off all the tips and get reviews of good mobile casinos while you are out and about.

The site will detect whether you are visiting on a iPhones, iPod touches, Android or BlackBerry Storm automatically and serve you the lighter content. This will save your battery and save you time.

If you navigate to the casino blog site on a laptop or desktop, you´ll just see the standard site as usual of course.

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