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Play Sic Bo Games For Free.

online sic boSic Bo (骰寶) is one of those casino games that you may never have heard about (unless you’ve been to Macau, that is, where it’s massive). This Chinese gambling game is becoming ever more popular, however. It involves gambling with dice, like craps, but that’s where the similarity ends.

If you are not too sure on the rules, don’t worry! This is where this section comes in, where you can play Sic Bo games for free and learn the rules. Once you feel more confident, you can then pick a bonus and play for real if you like.

This is a very old game, and even though it’s played with dice, it’s probably closer to Roulette than it is to Craps. It’s you against the house (like roulette), and wins are paid out after every spin (again like roulette).

You can make a whole series of bets, from predicting what numbers will come up on individual die and the total of all the dice added up. You have the chance of making some pretty high payout outlandish bets that pay out up to 180:1 (more akin to a lottery bet to be fair), and you can also make lower risk bets that come with a more reasonable house edge (similar to making an even money bet in roulette, such a s a bet on the red).

Sic Bo Superstitions
Remember, that Sic Bo originated in China, so there are plenty of superstitions that surround the game (even if you are playing online)! Red is a very luck colour to the Chinese so make sure you are wearing your lucky red pants! (That’ll be underpants if you come from the UK, and “trousers” if you come from the US). White is an unlucky colour (it’s the colour of funerals).
Also the number 8 is very auspicious to Chinese people. So if you are in Macau, try and get Room 888 at the Venetian (it’ll probbaly cost you a fortune). But avoid room 444 on floor 4- this is a very unlucky number in Chinese. In fact, I doubt there’ll be a 4th floor in the hotel if you are in Macau. The lift will go from floor 3 to floor 5.

So put your lucky red pants on, set your watch for 8:18 pm and start playing!