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Sic Bo means “dice pair”, or treasure dice in Chinese although the game is actually played with 3 dice. You’ll also hear this game being called “Big Small” or “Hi Lo) : tai sai (大細) or dai siu (大小)

This is a Chinese game (no surprises there given the name!)

The actual game is simple, but the different bets might take a while to get used to – we recommend you try our Sic Bo demo games until you become more familiar with the bets. There is a Playtech game on this page. We also have a Microgaming demo game.

But in essence, the three dice are rolled (usually under a glass cover), and you make a bet on the result.

To play the Playtech Sic Bo demo, simply click on a chip to select it. Then click on a bet area on the table to place your bet. Every click adds one chip to the bet. Choose another denomination of  chip if you want to bet another amount. Right click to remove a chip.

Once you have made your bet, click the Roll button. The dice are rolled and you will see the result. Simple!

The dice roll is easy, it’s the different types of bets that you will need to get accustomed to.

bet365 sic boHow to Play Sic Bo Bets, Pay Out and Odds

Small/Big Bet:
Small Bet wins if the sum of the three dice is 4 to 10. Big Bet wins for a total of 11 to 17. You can’t win a Small or a Big Bet if you roll a three of a kind (3 dice with the same number).
Payout: 1 to 1.

Number Bet:
You bet on a specific number to show on as many dice as possible. Select from 1 to 6.

Number appears Once: payout is 1 to 1
Number appears twice: 2 to 1
3 times: 3 to 1.

Pair Bet:
Bet on any of the 15 pairs (e.g. 5 and 1; 3 and 6 or 1 and 4).
Payout: 5 to 1.

Total Bet:
You bet on the total of the 3 dice Bet from 4 to 17. You can’t bet on 3 and 18. Bet on “Total of 5”, “Total of 7”, “Total of 9”, etc.

The payout varies, e.g.:
Total of 4: 60 to 1.
Total of 5: 30 to 1
Total of 6: 17 to 1
Total of 7: 12 to 1
Total of 8: 8 to 1
Total of 9: 6 to 1
Total of 10:  6 to 1
Total of 11: 6 to 1
Total of 12: 6 to 1
Total of 13: 8 to 1
Total of 14: 12 to 1
Total of 15: 17 to 1
Total of 16: 30 to 1
Total of 17: 60 to 1

Double Bet:
A bet on a specific pair (e.g. two 5’s).
Payout: 10 to 1.

Triple Bet:
You bet on a specific triple (e.g. 3 1’s).
Payout: 180 to 1.

Any Triple:
A bet that you will roll 3 dice with the same number.
Payout: 30 to 1.

That’s it! Good luck! (Or should we say 好运 (hǎoyùn)!

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