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play roulette gamesOf all the casino games that you’ll find online, with the exception of maybe slots, online roulette has transformed the most over it’s traditional land based cousin. This is a game that has been around for centuries, and while roulette has certainly evolved over the years, it has changed at turbo speed since the game went online at the end of the nineties.

So as well as European, American and French Roulette varieties, you know have all sorts of variations of the game like Multi-Wheel Roulette, mini versions of the game, Multi-Ball Roulette, Triple Bonus Roulette, a Zodiac Roulette game and so on.

What’s The Best Roulette Game?
Well, as always, “this depends” (we can hear you groan, oh Reader). There are some basic rules that you should follow though. Generally speaking, you should play on simple European Wheels, or even better French roulette wheels that play “La Partage” (a rule where you get half your bet back if the ball drops in the zero pocket on an even-money bet like red/black).

Avoid American Roulette, or at least veer towards European. An be wary of any special side bets (like progressive jackpot side bets for example, or wheels with bonus spin pockets). Generally speaking, the more simple the wheel, the lower the house edge. Check out our individual roulette game pages to get full details of of each game.

Play Roulette For Free
When you are looking to play roulette games, the best way to choose is to test them out, and that’s where this section comes in. you can test the games out in this section for free- have a play around and become familiar with the rules. And then you can bet for real if you wish at our recommended casinos.

Our favourite games are 3D Roulette (a Playtech variant with a lovely design on a European Wheel) and Premier Roulette (Diamond Edition) which is a Microgaming game. We also like European Roulette Gold. It doesn’t look as flash as the other tow, but it’s fast and you can make all the advanced bets you need.