The Best Online Roulette Games

Posted on February 21st, 2014

We are going to take a look at roulette variants in this post. Most of the focus on game development in recent years has tended to be on slots, so it’s easy to forget that online roulette has also had a BIG overhaul in recent years. I remember the first variants you used to see online- 2D wheels that spun choppily around the screen until a ball appeared out of nowhere and appeared in a pocket.

Well, times have definitely changed- you can play 8 roulette wheels simultaneously in the same game now, if you like, and the roulette games you can play on your phone or iPad are just as engaging as the video roulette you’ll see in casinos like the Hippodrome in Leicester Square, London.

The Top 10 Best Roulette Games

So what are the best games available online for roulette players (for a free test of all of these games, head to which has an excellent section of demo flash games for many of these variants). We take a look at the best of them.

Premier Roulette
This is a good example of a  game that looks slick, and really ups the ante in terms of design. The wheel looks like a video replay- it’s that smooth. This is a game for high stakes players (the lowest bet is £50), and it really has a VIP feel, with lots of options to customise the play and all of the betting options you could hope for. Play this at Royal Vegas.

Premier Roulette (Diamond Edition)
This is actually the sequel to the game above- again, it has a lovely design, and you have more choice on the betting chips which go down to denominations of 0.25- so this should suit entry level players too. The statistics view is particularly good, and your bets can be doubled from spin to spin- so Martingale players will like this one. Play this at Spin Palace.

Player’s Suite Roulette
Player’s Suite is an IGT game. IGT is probably the largest casino games developer on the planet, and they have used all of their skill and knowledge on this game. Also good for high stakes players. Play this at Kerching.

Three Wheel Roulette
Another IGT game with a twist- you’ll play on 3 wheels (concentric wheels). it’s a little hard to explain- but there’s a free roulette game her: give it a try to see what we mean – it’s a really clever design. And it’s 3 times the fun!

3D Roulette
This is a VIP Playtech roulette, along the same lines as Premier Roulette ( a Microgaming variant) that we mentioned earlier, except that this variant is even prettier, if anything. You’ll be able to play all of the more exotic call bets, like Voisins du Zero, and Tiers du Cylindre. C’est magnifique!

French Roulette from Net Ent
Net Entertainment, or Net Ent, have steadily been gaining a reputation of the quality of their games- and their French Roulette is no exception. We like French roulette because the odds are better (if they play “La Partage Rule” where you get half your bet back when the ball drops in the zero pocket on an even money bet). And as French Roulette games go, this is top drawer.

Mini Roulette
We mention this games as it’s a bit of fun. Instead of 36 numbers plus the zero, there are 12. It’s a third of the size: a mini me! This is a cute game to play, but just be warned that the house edge is higher, because you only have 12 pockets other than the zero pocket. And if the ball lands in the zero, you’ll only win if you bet on the zero on the table. So fun to play, but don’t spend too much money on it.

Roulette Pro
This is a roulette game that has been around for a while, but it has stood the test of time- we find ourselves returning to this game time and time again. It’s got most of the standard  bets you’ll need,, and you can change the viewing angle so that you are either looking straight at the wheel across the table, or along the table with the wheel at the end. Customise the colour of the table with the paint icon, and change the background music- all the options are there! This variant also has an option for you to save your favourite customisable bets, and you can see past history nicely charted out on a roulette wheel graph.

European Roulette Gold
If we are looking for a standard European Roulette, we generally opt for this one. You can switch between expert bets and standard bets, it’s got chips from £1 all the way to £1000 and it’s basically a solid all rounder. Suitable for beginners who are just having a flutter, and expert who are playing Finales en Plein or Finales en Cheval bets. It’s highly customisable.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette
We have added this last, as in a sense it’s a bit gimmicky, but on the other hand, this game make a nice change from time to time. Double Bonus Spin Roulette has an extra yellow well on the wheel. If the ball lands in the yellow wheel, all of your bets carry over and you earn the right to a free spin on the bonus wheel. Think of it as standard roulette with free spins.

Well, there’s our top 10 roulette list- we hope you find something in there that tickles your fancy. Remember our basic rule of thumb for roulette which is always play European Roulette instead of American- the odds are better. And if you can find a French Roulette wheel that plays “La Partage”- even better. There’s no sense playing on a wheel where the house edge is any bigger than it needs to be. Check the T’s and C’s before you accept any bonuses, as well, just in case there is punitive stuff in there for roulette players (many casinos only allow you to work through your wagering requirements if you play slots).


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