Sky Vegas Casino Mobile Cash Back

Posted on May 6th, 2013

Sky Mobile

Click HERE for Sky Mobile cashback up to £100

Today is the last day that you can claim up to 20% Cashback when you play Sky Vegas on your iPad and iPhone.

Sky’re giving you the chance to claim up to £100 Cashback  Play any of your favourite mobile casino games at Skyvegas (only on an iPhone or iPad, sotty Android users!), and if you make a net loss they will give you 20% of it back tomorrow,  Tuesday 7th May (before 7pm).

This promotion only includes virtual casino games: all Live Casino games are not included in this Cashback promotion e.g Live Roulette on iPad. Also, remember they have just relaunched their mobile site. Games available at the original site are not included either.

How to claim:
1. Click the Claim Now button At Sky Vegas

2. Play any mobile casino game on an iPad or iPhone ONLY

3. If you make a loss before the end of 6th May, they  will give you 20% back up to a maximum of £100 on Tuesday 7th May.


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