David Blaine Does Roulette Trick with 2 Hot Las Vegas Ladies

Posted on November 2nd, 2009

This might brighten up your Monday…but the one thing that we are wondering, is how did David Blaine develop such an annoying drawl? Can his speech get any more slurred- he almost sounds drunk. Anyway, click and view the video if you would like an insight into David Blaine´s pulling technique.

Is this a fake? Well, what he could have done is to try the trick out with a few different women and then wait for 5 in a row to drop. Then you just release the succesful sequence. So to disprove this, all we need to do is to search out the unsuccessful ladies. But then the cynic in me says he paid them off anyway…

Anyhow, it´s difficult not to feel a slight pang of jealousy. Maybe he is just a Maestro Merlin with a huge all seeing third eye that predicts the future.

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