Channel FIVE moves into online gaming market with Party Poker

Posted on June 18th, 2009

British television broadcaster Channel Five has become the latest big name to enter the world of online casino after agreeing to work with leading online gaming company PartyGaming.

Five is planning to launch its own branded online casino and bingo services into the booming casino market in the coming year, following in the footsteps of rival broadcasters ITV and BSkyB, who have also launched their own online gaming services.

The broadcaster has planned to give significant promotion to the new service through its programming and is the latest gaming-related innovation from the company, having received the green light from television regulators to offer interactive roulette and casino games on its late night television programming.

“Five is looking aggressively at how to expand its presence in digital media,” said the chairman and CEO of the broadcast company, Dawn Airey. “We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with PartyGaming, whose job it will be to create for Five’s audience the very best gaming experience.”

Jim Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of PartyGaming, added; “With more than 30 million viewers each week and a household entertainment brand, Five is an important addition to our expanding business-to-business portfolio. We are confident of securing more B2B deals in the coming months as we match our eGaming talents and assets with the consumer reach of other companies around the world.”

PartyGaming, who run PartyCasino, recently ended their deal with ITV, allowing the company to enter into an exclusive deal with Five.


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