Can you do Stuff For Free in Las Vegas?

Posted on May 25th, 2009

Here´s an interesting question posed by one of our memebers. Is there free stuff that you can do in Vegas? We all know it´s a town that expects you to spend money, but dig around and there is plenty on offer if you don´t want to brush the dust off your wallet. In fact- you are spoilt for choice funnily enough.

Here are our picks for the best freebies in the desert city.

There´s alot of competition in Las Vegas- especially at the moment, so many of the hotels lay on free attractions to get the punters in. There are more than 20 big hotels on The Strip and they are all competing for your attention- after all, if they can´t get you in the door, you are certainly not going to spend any money. The buildings are worth a look in themselves. The Venetian is pretty impressive, and there are some fantastic light and sound fountain shows laid on at The Bellagio. Walk around and try a few of the smaller lounges are bars- many of them have live music from some very talented musicians trying to get their first break. Watch out for jugglers, gymnasts and magicians all employed by the hotels to get the punters to stop.

If you like window shopping, Las Vegas will be a dream come true. Most of the hotels now get a significant part of their revenue from huge shopping malls. it´s not all about gambling in the casinos– most of the businesses here have woken up to the fact that not everyone is a mad gambler. Anyway, if you win big, you need somewhere to splash some cash,.

Caesars is good for freebies- there are human statues, free circus acts and a whole host of other stuff. Just wander around for a bit and you will bump into something.

How about a bit of nature? In Vegas, I hear you ask? Well head to the animal sanctuary at the Flamingo for the flamingos (of course) as well as a long list of other species including penguins- only in Las Vegas.

Our favourite free entertainment, or relaxation I suppose we should say, are the great pools that come with the hotels. The Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Caesars and Luxor have the best in our opinion. They are huge! You´re going to get sun in the desert- you may as well get a tan. And this being Vegas, these aren´t just ordinary pools, but fiesta pool bars with rivers, caves, waterfalls, hot tubs and wave pools.

What about the food? Well- the choice is unparalleled. There are 20 high end restaurants in The Venetian alone, not to mention noodle bars, sushi bars, pizza parlours and ice cream dens.

For the top list of free attractions in Las Vegas, we´d go for:

1. The free Pirates show in front of the Treasure Island Hotel. Watch the battle unfold. Yep , it´s tacky, but hey this is Vegas.

2. Volcanic Eruption at the Mirage
Pure Vegas tat. Get a good position and watch this at least once. It´s the hotel that taste forgot……put your tongue in your cheek and try not to laugh. Hilarious.

3. Bellagio Fountains
Easily the best free attraction in Vegas. The show – which is set to music and lights, goes on every half an hour during the day and after 8 it’s every quarter of an hour. Pretty impressive even for cynics from the UK!

4. The Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand.
The lions look a little bored, although you might see them move. Roar.

5. The Flamingo Gardens
Lots of different bird species including of course the Flamingos.

6. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
Back to the Bellagio for the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden.

OK, OK alot of it is a bit pants. Go to Paris for the Eiffel Tower and go to Vegas for the casinos. Head back to the tables and the shows then. –Well, you tried. Ed.


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