Best Casino Holidays- Let’s Look at Atlantic City

Posted on December 8th, 2011

In a regular series here on Online Casino King, we’ll be looking at what makes a great casino holiday – is it the games, the bright lights, or the party atmosphere? What about those who love the casino action but can’t stand too much noise or late night parties? Or if your particular weather preference is snowy and icy (or hot and humid) yet you still want to experience some of the best casinos in the world? To help you out, we’ve put together a series on the best places in the world to go for a casino holiday, whatever you fancy.

This time, we’re looking at the famous (or infamous!) Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Atlantic City first became known as a holiday destination with the construction of its first amusement pier in 1882, later followed by the popular and innovative Ocean Pier, built in 1891. These piers featured a host of casino games that were loved by holiday makers, as well as the beautiful beaches, inviting sea and fresh air.
Atlantic City has also always been known as one of the best locations in the US to market a new product, attracting famous businessmen (like H J Heinz) to test out new products there. It also played a part in a home-gaming favourite, Monopoly, invented by Charles B Darrow who had previously holidayed in Atlantic City. An inspiration, perhaps?
The rich history of Atlantic City has resulted in a vibrant and exciting holiday destination for all of us who love casinos, and for those of who love bright lights and big cities too!
With its very own Caesar’s Casino, Tropicana and Hilton, Atlantic City can rival Las Vegas in its choice and variety of beautiful, fun casinos across the city. Alongside the casinos, there’s a great range of shopping to be had in Atlantic City, as well as some more unusual activities further afield.
Nothing goes better with gaming than some delicious food and drink, and in New Jersey you’ll be able to sample some of these delights straight from the source! New Jersey has an expanding wine-making industry, with a number of wineries hosting open days and festivals to celebrate the grape: perfect for those who like a little tipple with their casino holiday.
There’s also some fantastic museums, art galleries and cultural institutions in and around Atlantic City, so when you get bored of the casino – well, you might! – take a stroll to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum! for some laughs and a few surprises too.
And for those of you who like a bit of shopping and some nightlife- well, you can get plenty of that at Atlantic City. But, remember, it’s not that far from New York (about 100 miles), so it’s an easy one to combine with a trip to the Big Apple. A great combination, in fact.
In Summary
Atlantic City, New Jersey: great for
• Those who love a bit of history with their casino
• Those who love bright lights with their blackjack
• And those who want something a bit unusual!

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