3 New Slot Games From 2014

Posted on March 6th, 2015

2014 seems a long way off now, doesn’t it? 2015 promises to be a seminal year for casino gaming, it followed on from a previous twelve month period that was full of growth, diversification and innovation in the casino slots world, in any case. The launches of 2014 have helped to lay the foundation for anothe bumper year ahead, with smartphone graphic and audio quality continuing to rise (first we had the iPhone 6, then the Nexus 6, and then the new HTC One and Samsung 6 phones were announced). These phones are now capable of delivering an incredibly immersive and engaging experience- so I guess it is no surprise that the mobile gaming secotr continues  to even greater heights and with significantly increased revenues.
With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the popularity of slot machine gaming has exploded in the last eighteen months and will form a key part of the online gambling industry’s continued growth in 2015. So let’s consider four new slot games from the last twelve months: –

The Big Break Slot Game
In many ways, the Big Break slot game has become so popular thanks to the improved graphic capacity of the new phones and the launch of Apple’s revolutionary iOS 8. With an immersive gaming experience, 15 pay lines and great gameplay, the game is accessible at mobile casinos through all platforms including tablets, Android handsets and  iPhones. With maximum and minimum lines that are with the reach of most players, each spinneedn’t cost you the earth and the game is well matched to casual or part-time players as well as more serious players.

Jurassic Park
jurassic park video slotAs part of a growing trend, many new slot machine games are often inspired by successful and globally renowned movie franchises. This isfor the  Jurassic Park slot game, which is set to receive a big boost with the release of a brand new movie during the summer of 2015. This will probably trigger a new range of themed games based on the latest sequel. But they have done a fine job on this slot which is more than fit for purpose and offers 243 pay lines (like Thunderstruck II and the Immortal Romance Slot), great graphics and a compelling soundtrack that makes you feel as though you are in a cinema watching the first instalment of the franchise! (Remember the scene when the T-Rex busts out of its enclosure?)

Play Jurassic Park at Betway with £1000 Bonus

The Lucky Witch Slot
luckywitchslotIn terms of scope, the Lucky Witch slot game offers some reasonable payouts without straying into mega-millions territory like some of the progressive slots on the market (Mega Moolah comes to mind here). Including jackpots of 20,000, 10,000 and 9,000 coins, this slot is popular with a wide range of players. Look out for the mystery prizes and scatter pays, and the free spin rounds will give you additional chances to win. New players should enjoy quite a bit of free gameplay and there are some generous bonus offers about. Look out for it.


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