2011- Is This The Year of The Mobile Casino (Again!). Casinos on Ipads, iPods and Androids.

Posted on January 18th, 2011

For the last 5 years, I don´t know how many times some casino sage (or wag) has said to me, stroking his (or her) beard thoughtfully…..”You know, this is the Year of the Mobile Casino“. Yessirr- you heard it here first. This is gonna be the year that it all takes off”.

And I´d take a look at the numbers, and the games you could get on your phone, and the connection and think……..”nah”.

All the technology, consumer demand and delivery has failed to live up to the hype up to this point. But I reckon we might well have reached a tipping point.

Towards the back end of 2010 betting on the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, brought in some serious wonga for several, (mostly sports), operators including Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Sportingbet.

Sportingbet, said in November that mobile made up almost 10% of active customers in the markets in which it had launched. Some are even saying that that mobile sports betting could account for 20% of revenues by the end of 2011 for the savvy operators. That´s quite a slice of the market.

If you look at the gadgets people are using, you can see that there is a big opportunity here. First off, you have a whole new segment: the Ipad driven tablet segment which is fuelling demand. Arguably, the casino games experience on a tablet computer is the best there is- playing in the so called Sofa Position. And wherease the iPad (and iPhone) has been very restrictive on both casino apps in the App store, and the use of flash by games developers- guess what? Android is overtaking iOS as an operating system in the mobile market (flash allowed) AND the recent CES show was ALL about new tablets coming out on the Android 3.0 platform (or Honeycomb). That´s not even mentioning the popular Samsung Galaxy tab that runs on Android, and is selling very nicely all ready, thank very much.

Technology from Apple and the others has changed consumer behaviour- mobile is here to stay and the technology is only going to get better.”

So is THIS the year that Mobile casinos take off? Well, you know what? This year we are not so cynical.

This is the year that Mobile, tablet and everything in between is going to take off in our view.

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