World Cup 2010 Betting Odds

Posted on May 31st, 2010

Well, in case you have been locked away in an underground bunker for the past 6 months, you´ll know that the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa on Friday the 11th June as South Africa play Mexico at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.
Less than 2 weeks to go! We´ll be running quite a few features here at Online Casino King, as we´ll be taking a punt on quite a few of the games.
We´ll keep you updated with all the latest news, free bet offers and promotions (on sports and casinos), not to mention all the latest odds for all the teams.
You could take a bet on Spain and Brazil, of course, if you want to go for the favorites, but there are also some juicy bets on offer for slightly more obscure topics. And of course they´ll be some big patriotic money backing England to go all the way (south and east of the borders anyway).
Some of the more unusual markets include
-Top Asian Team
-Teams to Reach Quarter Finals
-Teams to Reach Semi Finals
-Highest Scoring Team
-Highest Scoring Group
-Golden Ball Winner
-Top Goalscorer (Messi?)
World Cup 2010 Betting Odds Guide – 11 days to go
Latest Odds at PaddyPower- our pick of the book makers with a Tenner Free. We´ve highlighted the teams that we are planning to have a flutter on (at this stage!).
Get your bets in early BEFORE the action starts as these odds will head south once the tournament starts.
Spain 4/1- we´d love to see the Spanish win it (if the English don´t of course), just because they are a joy to watch. But I don´t think they will.
Brazil 5/1 – we pick Brazil over Spain – the climate will suit them and they have the history
Argentina 7/1
England 7/1- we like the Capello factor. if the fans can get behind them they have a shot.
Holland 10/1
Italy 14/1
Germany 14/1
France 18/1
Portugal 25/1
Ivory Coast 40/1 at least to the quarters and who knows? It may be time for an Africn winner
Chile 66/1
Serbia 66/1
Mexico 80/1- watch the Mexicans. The climate and altitide will suit them
Paraguay 80/1
USA 80/1- again could be worth a punt to the quarters
Cameroon 100/1
Ghana 100/1
Uruguay 100/1
South Africa 125/1
Australia 125/1- worth a punt to reach the quarters
Denmark 125/1
Nigeria 125/1
Switzerland 200/1
Greece 200/1
Slovakia 225/1
South Korea 250/1
Japan 300/1
Slovenia 300/1
Algeria 600/1
Honduras 1000/1
North Korea 2000/1
New Zealand 2000/1- ha ha, only joking. Apologies to any Kiwi readers, but you´ll just have to make do with world domination using an oval ball.

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