Wild Viking: A Roulette Variant WIth A Difference

Posted on April 3rd, 2015

wild viking rouletteIs there a more diverse casino game than roulette? It is hard to imagine one, as there are some online casinos that offer up to 20 unique variations of this classic gams. This number continues to grow to, with one of the latest incarnations that is called  ‘Wild Viking Roulette’ currently turning heads in the virtual world.

Offered up by Paddy Power Casino, this variant lives up to its title and offers a unique roulette experience to both beginners and experienced players alike. It´s certainly new- whether or not it will take off, only time will tell.

Play Wild Viking at Paddy Power

What is Wild Viking?
Wild Viking takes inspiration from card roulette, in that it does not use a ball to determine outcomes. It goes a stage further, however, as it also does away with the classic roulette wheel and generates results using a single deck of cards. The green betting baize is set out in a similar manner to the traditional game, with options available including red, black, evens and odds. You also have the option to make multiple, simultaneous bets as you play, while the croupier is of course replaced with an interactive dealer.

To begin the game, the dealer shuffles his deck and lays out his first card. A total of five cards are drawn in total, and once the fifth one has been drawn the outcome of the game is determined. In between the distribution of the first and final card, players are encouraged to place their wagers with a view to covering as much of the board as possible. Each card equates to a specific result or action, although like traditional roulette the game is staggered over the course of multiple deals. Certain cards can have a devastating impact on the course of the game, however, as the Joker card causes all bets to lose except for the Wild Viking Bet, all Poker Bets and the Progressive Bet.

Will you be Playing Wild Viking?
We have tried not to give too much away in case you decide to visit the Paddy Power website and play the game for yourself. It is certainly an interesting variation on classic roulette, and while it is likely to benefit from novelty value, you will need to get to grips with it before taking it to their hearts. Like Card Roulette, Wild Viking is a game that needs to initial thinking time. We´ll see how it goes on the popularity front.

Basic Rules
When you have made all of your bets, hit the Deal button to draw five cards from the deck.
The last card out fo the shoe determines the outcome of all Roulette Bets.
If the last card is a Joker, you lose, except if yo have placed a Wild Viking Bet, a Poker Bet or a Progressive Bet.
All five cards together determine the outcome of the PokerBets and the Progressive Bet.
The first and the last card out fo the show determine whether you win or lose the Wild Viking Bet.


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