What Should I Wear to The Casino? Trashy or Glamourous?

Posted on October 16th, 2012

OK- you might not have struck you as a fashion blog, but we keep getting asked this question, so it’s time to address it. And we have been to quite a few casinos, so if nothing else- here’s our view.

What Should You Wear to The Casino?
I guess the first question is, which casino? There’s a whole range out there from Les Ambassadeurs and Aspinalls in Mayfair, and The Bellagio in Vegas to establishments that are, aherm, at the other end of the scale (for example Hooters Casino in Vegas has the following catchphrase: “Have a Hooterific Time!)….no comment.

So, let’s assume that as a regular reader of Online Casino King you’ve got a certain amount of style (!) and you have headed up town. These are the things you need to consider:

Dress for comfort
Dress to Impress (it’ll make you feel more confident)
Dress for the temperature (we are thinking particularly of Vegas here where the temperature can really vary, depending on whether it’s day or night outside, or whether you are in a/c).

So here are our tips:

Casino Dress

Basic Aim: Look Like A Million Dollars

For The Tables, High End (eg The Bellagio)

– Always dress glamorously (especially for the tables)
– Never dress trashily (there are plenty of people who do and they are probably not playing the tables)
– Wear sensible heels- there’s no point tottering around on 6 inchers. Remember- drinks are free in many casinos. You can look a Million Dollars in heels that show off your calves rather than give you bunions.
– Take a shawl just in case the air conditioning gets too fierce.

For Slots, High End

Go Glamour Girl Look  if you are confident. You might stand out though next to the blue rinse brigade.
Just go smart and tone it down about on the glamour. The Six Million Dollar question to ask is: “Would I wear this to go round for Sunday lunch at the other half’s Mother’s (and shock her a bit but get a way with it)?” You can always switch into your party dress later if you are heading out clubbing.

Tables. Mid to Low End

Well, we’d advise to steer clear of low end, but you might want to tone it down even more. We’d hate to use the word “smart casual”, but hey we already have. Smart skirts for the girls, chinos for the boys etc. Value brands though- you don’t want to be attracting too much attention from drooly Uncle Joe at the less than classy joints with the Dennys next door.

Slots. Mid to Low End

Anything you like basically, down to jeans and t-shirts, but we’d definitely advise against a trampy look if you have wandered too far away from the nice joints along The Strip in Vegas. There’s normally a Gap around. Stock up with their basics line and look clean and presentable. You can go for the Pie Eyed look at these places and loll your head around on to slots machines if you like. No-one will bat an eye-lid.

The bottom line is, dress to be comfortable. All we’re saying is, that it’s more fun to go glamorous at the high end casinos (especially the tables). It’ll make you feel super confident.

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